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    This happened yesterday evening.

    I went to visit a friend that lives in the south of England. While driving back again in the evening, I decided to stop off for a coffee and if need be a change. After I had finished my coffee I decided I would change as I was a bit wet.

    After changing cleaning up etc, I went to throw my used nappy into the bin and something caught my eye! It was a used "adult baby" nappy. I was unsure of the brand, Ive not seen that pattern before seemed to be animation animals as such. It was just there not compacted up like I normally do with them, just kinda folded in half as is the person wanted it to be noticed by somebody else using the bin or something. It was interesting to know that a fellow "wearer" had been in there that day.

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    "Animation Animals" maybe it was a rearz Safari? Anyways, that's cool you spotted one

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    that could possibly also be a little pawz abu.

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    No idea of the make, but it's cool to know this other person treated their nappy use so casually.

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    I could understand if it was folded in half, sometimes in public the tapes being ripped off is loud and very noticeable. There's been times that I've pulled the diaper down to avoid making noise, especially in a multiple occupancy bathroom.

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    Great there are peeps getting around in their nappies but always nicer to ball them up to make it a bit cleaner for the person disposing of the rubbish.

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    THat's cool. I've glanced in waste bins before when I have thrown my own diapers away and seen pull-on style cheap-o store diapers once or twice.
    I routinely wonder how many of us there are out there - if In fact I know other AB/DLs who are, like me, not public with their kink.
    Often when I put my diapers in public trash cans, I say a little prayer hoping that another ABDL will see it and know they are not alone. Silly probably but hey...

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    Ive often opened the lid at various places and had a quick glance, seen many many adult nappies and baby ones before. But as soon as I saw the "adult baby" nappy, I knew what it was strait away and thought wow!!

    I have done some googling for various images. I think the one I saw was a crinklz.

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