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Thread: Greetings, and introductions.

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    Default Greetings, and introductions.

    Hello everyone. I found this forum thru a Google search last year, and have finally joined. After looking through the forums for a while, it seemed like this was a nice, friendly, supportive atmosphere, and not a gathering of creepy people trading pics, and stories, which seems to abound across the interwebs. I live around the Triangle area in NC, and have been dee-elle all of my life, or since I was about 4 y/o, and have a few bee-dee-ess-em interests in some specific things only.

    I've been in a monogamous relationship for many years, and married for one year now, to a beautiful woman who is aware of my fetishes, and accepts them. She participates sometimes, but isn't into it herself, and is sort of non-voluntary about it. She is the only one that knows about my interests.

    I work a blue-collar job doing mechanical repairs, and have been at that for about 14 years now. It was something I loved to do, so at 22 y/o I decided to make a career out of my hobby, and get some education that's specific to the field. It's still a hobby to me too. I'll never be without a ride, and some friends joke about whether I drive a different vehicle every day or something.

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    Hey DHLA40S; welcome to ADISC!

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