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Thread: Should I go to see someone?

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    Default Should I go to see someone?

    I find that I still can't let's things go too well, I have s little bit but I find I have things I want to do but I find I waste my time away looking on Adisc all the time, wishing somebody to talk to me, I guess I feel scared that I am going to be rejected.

    I want to play with my toys like any other little or child would, but I find I can't. I remember what happened to me and I make up alternative realities to what happened or try to make sense out of it and it's horrible, I wish I wouldn't do that. I get anxious that somebody that hates me is going to kill me or hurt me. I feel like I should talk to somebody and also talk about my little side.

    I am scared the therapist is going to tell my dad because I a, young. I look young and last time it happened, I was 17, will I be young enough to have my dad told? I need to move on but I can't, should I go?

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    Hi there Angelic,
    You don't need to worry about what you do, no one will rejected you while you want to talk to other people with good intentions, you don't wasting time here, you've do your best as you are little. And about move, don't be afraid of what the therapist would told your father that it will have bad results so you have to move away from him, you have to think again where are you to far away from your father, your mother was died right (sorry), after all if your father will know you are young from therapist, it does not matter if you're waiting for your father thought, you do not have to move away from him, don't worry about your little side, while it does not hurt others it will be fine. Your little side is your personal life, be your self in where you are and manage it for where you to want to be little and where you must to be your adult self for everyone can make good relation with you, all depends on your self to be well with others people and remember you're kind don't loss that.


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    Once you become a legal adult, doctors can't disclose your information to anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crinklebuttt View Post
    Once you become a legal adult, doctors can't disclose your information to anyone.
    I agree.

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    That's what I was going to say as well. I had to see a psychiatrist when I was in college as I was having a psychotic break. Sometimes things go wrong and we need outside help. If you can find someone who can really help you and it doesn't break your bank, go for it.

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    Thankfully my "therapist" which is really just a clinician from a government facility that takes the role of therapist because I have no insurance for private help I'm seeing doesn't disclose information to anybody even though the advice they give me isn't the most useful. A classic example of me rolling with the punches, I guess, so I can almost guarantee that no information would be divulged unless you mention something that could hint at you being a danger to yourself or others (Suicide and/or homicide).

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