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Thread: Hello from Virginia!

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    Default Hello from Virginia!

    I've been browsing this website for years and finally decided it was time to join the site. I'm a senior in college in Lynchburg,VA and I'm majoring in marketing. I've been into diapers for as long as I can remember. When I was 12 I would ride my bike to the store with a backpack so I could buy so diapers. I have a lot of anxiety and depression and diapers have been a great way of helping me deal with the stress. I opened up about liking diapers to a person that I thought was a good friend last year. He thought I was a complete freak for liking diapers. He told all my other friends about it and told me that I would never find a girl friend because I like diapers. I know those things aren't true but I was really depressed at the time. I don't get to wear as often as like because I have two roommates. In my free time I love to travel. I'm looking forward to contributing and meeting people

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    Hello VADL and welcome to the group.

    Nice introduction.

    I too have clinical depression and the diapers do make a good coping mechanism.


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