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Thread: Diaper discussion the rules on bio hazards UK

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    Question Diaper discussion the rules on bio hazards UK

    I was thinking and it was a thought why not at one point wear some diapers in town. The only problem is it is my first time.

    Someone suggested that I use two nappy bags to doubble it up them throw it away in a public bin...

    It maybe OK in the USA but I do not know weather there is a biohazerd law in the United Kingdom?

    If so where could I find easy accsess without arousing suspision if I was to throw it away in a bio hazerd bin?

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    Why woukd it be a biohazard? What do parents do when they need to change their kids' nappies when they're out and about?

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    Changing rooms have their own bins for used nappies, it is stated on the bin or next to the bin so the cleaner will know to proceed with caution

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    Bio hazards are fairly universal. I don't think there's any laws regarding diaper disposal, unless the trash receptacle is mark as such. I would think primarily hospitals would treat used diapers as medical waste and not regular garbage. Obviously all sharps and blood are treated as a bio hazard and should never be touched, even with the proper bsi precautions.

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    Yeah, common courtesy to at least put it in a bag, perhaps an extra one if messy, unless there's an actual sanitary disposal bin that it will fit in (disabled toilets tend to have the latter, or could dispose of it in a baby change room, though obviously don't use that to change your own adult nappy in!)

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    Nappies don't need to be thrown away in biohazard bins.

    At least single bag for urine, double bag for feces.

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    So everyone they is something here waste legislations that say
    The bit at the bottom ish

    The main legislation governing clinical waste disposal is The Environmental Protection Act 1990. This states all producers of waste have a Duty of Care to ensure the correct and proper management of waste is performed and states that it is "unlawful to deposit, recover or dispose of controlled clinical waste without a waste management licence, or in a way that causes pollution of the environment or harm to human health".
    Though this might be hostiles and doctors instead of for the public. I think a diaper could be considered harm to human health. And maybe pollution of the environment.

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    Absolete rubbish,lol.

    As long as your NOT littering, and put them in a bin. Nothing wrong with it.
    Otherwise baby nappies for example wouldn't be allowed in virtually every bin you see in public,home,etc.

    Biohazard stuff is only things that are likely to contain viruses,dieases and spread via the air easily.
    Blood and items with human blood on them is mostly the risky one.

    Although used diapers contain bacteria but not all the time does it contain viruses,diseases.

    Hospital waste is usually yellow bagged for inceration because MOST people at hospital have viruses/illnesses and sometimes deadly diseases.
    And they don't want infected or soiled items to affect the ill with lowered/poor immune system.

    Messy diapers are usually bagged in bins as they stink easily and the bacteria is MUCH worse than what pee has in it.

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    I remember checking to see if it was legal to dispose of used diapers in household rubbish and public bins in the UK. Apparently it is, so long as the wearer had no infectious diseases. If you have a lot of incontinence waste, you can request a yellow bin from the council.

    The quote below relates to domestic waste, but I imagine it would be the same for public litter bins:

    If the waste is non-hazardous, and as long as it is appropriately bagged and sealed, it is acceptable for the waste to be disposed of with household waste. This is usually the case with sanitary towels, nappies and incontinence pads (known collectively as sanpro waste) which are not considered to be hazardous when they originate from a healthy population.

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    That's all I need to hear that I have to put out a separate can on trash day labeled "DIAPERS". They could be white with Blue and Pink accents. How nice that would be. Not good.

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