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    What is the best taping strategy you have found? I know it's a little different for everyone but what is the best method that works for you? Also what are some tips and tricks to finding the best fit? It seems like this is one of the hardest parts for a lot of people and I was just curious as to what works for others.

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    I start by folding the diaper in half down the middle, usually the wetness indicator is in the center. I do the bottom tapes first at a slight up angle. Then I do the top tapes at a slight down angle.

    The video on this page may help:

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    The biggest trick I found for getting the fit right was to find landmarks in the diaper with which to align the tapes. That way you can tape consistently each time and figure out what works and what doesn't a lot faster.

    My personal method for most diapers is standing up, top tapes first, spread my legs out a bit and run my fingers around the leg openings to spread the bottom of the diaper out and stand up the leak guards, bottom tapes (generally right underneath the top and angled upwards), then scoot the leg openings back up my legs as I return to a normal stance (this leaves a crease in the middle of the diaper, so it's more of a V shape than a W shape).

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    honestly I get the best fit, the fastest diapering, the smoothest tapes / least wrinkles, and most consistent fit by applying all four tapes then pulling my diaper on. Of course this requires you to have a good idea of where the tapes go, but it's full of benefits.

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    That's a really interesting method, I would have never thought to do it like that.

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    I recently found out it's very important to have the right sized diaper, the bottom tapes are not designed to land on the padding, they should be landing on the wings. The top tapes could land on the padding a little but above you hip bones, when aligning the diaper while it under u the top tapes should come straight across ur belly button or just slightly below

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    I only wear to bed for overnight wetting, I start by laying the diaper ( dry 25/7) on the bed and giving it a fluffing then spreading it out giving both front and back wings a good stretching then I run my fingers down the leak guards making sure they are free from rest of diaper. I back up and pull the diaper between my legs and tape both top tapes snugly around waist. then I sort of use a knifing action with my hands and push the diaper up at the edges allowing the center to drop down in the V shape. finish up by taping the bottom tapes at a slightly upward angle. Sound more busy then it is and only takes me less then a minute to diaper up for bed.

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    Yup that's how I've doing it, I use to focus on the bottom tapes being tight across the diaper, but recently I've been making sure the diaper is snug and the padding have somewhere to expand to, its actually added a ton of absorbency and the diaper wicks a ton better

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