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Thread: Is it over for me? (diapers)

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    Default Is it over for me? (diapers)

    This is a really confusing and frustrating time for both me and my family. First off, my aunt (my mom's sister) has really bad cancer, and probably won't be alive a month from now. She wears diapers out of need (obviously). Before this whole thing happened, my mom was the one I would go to when it came to diapers, as I had bedwetting problems at the time (in addition to being a DL). I used my last one in early January, and I had talked to my mom about getting more then (since it would require a credit card for online purchases), but we both sort of forgot about it. Now the bedwetting is getting more frequent (but not necessarily greater in intensity), and I'm having trouble controlling the DL urges in addition to that. I don't know whether I should ask my mom, if it might make her think about my aunt, and she'll be upset with me.

    Will I ever be able to wear diapers again, or will it be a forever touchy subject for my mom?

    I'm really don't know what I should do. Any ideas/suggestions?

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    I'm sorry to hear about your aunt. Best wishes for her and your family.

    I wouldn't assume that the first thing that would pop into your mother's head would be the connection between you and your aunt. If you're correct in actually needing more diapers, I'm sure your mother would be more than willing to help you out to buy some more. Don't think that because something else is going on in your life that your mom would just forget about you.

    I'd say go for it and just ask her. I doubt she'd make a connection, even then, if you need them, she's not going to hold it over your head.


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    Yep. You're done with diapers forever, because there is possibly no way you can get them yourself. How old are you? I'm thinking you're old enough to go to a store and buy some, at least to hold you off until you get your own credit/debit card and a job and buy them yourself. You could also get a prepaid credit card at like Wal-Mart of something and get some that way.

    Why would your mom be upset with you if you've been having this problem for what seems like a while. She'll probably understand that your bedwetting is getting worse because of the stress you're going through. I don't think it will be that touchy of a subject. I just wouldn't bring it up when you're on your own and all that.

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    Unless your mom was directly involved in the care of your aunt, I can't see why she would associate diapers with your aunt. There has to be much more pleasant memories of your aunt than that. If you truly need diapers for your bedwetting, ask your mom before your aunt dies, asking soon after she dies may come across as a bit selfish (not that it really is, but it may seem that way).

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    If your mom was getting you diapers for bedwetting beforehand, theres no reason that should stop now. Just because of the unfortunate situation with your aunt doesn't mean your need for diapers has stopped. Im sure she'll understand. Like was mentioned above, its probably unlikely that this one parellel will remind your mom of your aunt. Im also sure she wouldn't want you wetting your bed.

    Im also sorry to hear about your aunt. My condolences to you and your family.

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    If your aunt also needed an inhaler and you were asthmatic and lost yours, would you refuse to ask for it out of the same concern?

    If you bedwet and need diapers, ask for them.

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    I agree with the others. It should be fine, unless there was like a certain traumatic experience with your aunt that was related to diapers. But I seriously do not think it would create a direct connection. I hope it all works out... and my condolences for your family.


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    I used to communicate about my bedwetting in notes because I was too embarassed to say anything face to face. Just write down what you need, why you need it, and leave it on her pillow. If she's bought in the past, you shouldn't even need that, just a reminder to restock.

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    I think you make an association between diapers and your aunt because you are a Diaper Lover, and diapers are a big part of your life. I seriously doubt your mom would make the association unless she was also a DL.

    And I like the analogy Alex888 made

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