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Thread: My senses since I let go of my past

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    Smile My senses since I let go of my past

    It's strange because I realised that my sense of smell of pleasant smells has grown, when I changed my diaper, I never noticed how nice the Baby powder smelt before, I was really into my rattle because the textures and colours man! I thought I was going to get bored really quickly but i didn't. I found I was a lot calmer excluding college because I don't quite feel ready to go back but I have trying to go in half days.

    I thought I could smell shaving foam and Insense from my brothers room. My food has been really tasty as well as if somebody has turned up the volume on my taste buds. I have been feelings things more as well and my bed has been so cozy but there was a unpleasant feeling, I had a pack of wipes, half a flask of drink and lots of crap in my bag, so the heaviness was so uncomfortable! I am also finding that instead of sitting around doing nothing , I have been playing with my toys and having a desire to play with what I want and I have been fulfilling that desire. It's about time I started repaying my parents for bringing me into this world so it's time to enjoy, it's like I have been born again and I am exploring the world but in vivid colours and curious about everything and easily emused and I think everything is cute.

    One other thing, I feel like I have forgiven a boy and havn't been thinking about him 24/7 like I used to because he thought I was drugs when I had enough and started tapping my pen on the desk impatiently because college was too much and I needed to go home and I said I was getting it out of my system.

    Did anybody feel like this once they got rid the emotional baggage of their past?

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    oh wow good for you im glad you are doing great

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    My experiences in combat have been surfacing, but I deal with it by talking to other veterans and getting diapered and in little mode. I love the smell of baby powder and the new huggies wipes I got; green tea and cucumber.

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