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Thread: A good way to let go of bad memories

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    Default A good way to let go of bad memories

    I have thought up a way of getting rid of repressed memories by writing bad memories that really hurt you on a slip of paper and tear it off and fold it and add to the pile. When you are done take a break and when you come back, fill up a sink of water and read each bad memory and say something positive about it (my mom threw me into the crib: nobody can physically do that to me anymore, my mom did it once, she was angry and nothing bad came from it really or something as simple as getting shouted: I repressed a lot of memories through the years making me a angry person and noting down every bad memory and imprinting it in my mind and every child gets shouted at)

    After I did that, my headache and dizziness was fading and I felt a strange calm and feeling like nothing can harm me anymore. After years of feeling scared, angry and depressed, I finally feel free and I can see the world more vividly and I feel like I have a second chance and I can do anything! My thoughts that were bad memories changed to something as silly as a classical music tune stuck in my head and I laughed as it was silly that I was thinking and being angry all this time. I can feel like I can breath and I feel like I can live, I a, so glad I did that, I can actually feel like I can go to college!

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    That is great you've come to that realization! It's a great relief and eye opener to realize how the bad stuff is just the product of our thoughts and memories, that it's not real.

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    great idea..i used to write all mine down then shred it all..its like saying thats all gone now into tiny bits so cant come back and hurt again. Ive also now cut myself off from the people that were hurting me rather than try to please all the time. Id done that for years but now i just think no...if they hurt you they have no part in your life ...just put them behind you so they cant do it again. its an awesome feeling ..hugs xxx

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    Writing or telling someone else can be very cathartic. Eight years ago during a bad period in my life, I started a novel. It took six years to write, but I felt liberated after I completed it. Even though it centers around a haunting, it's more about a family and growing up, uniting to defeat a common enemy and learning things about yourself.

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    I talk with people who have similar problems that i don't mind crying in front of. I have a great friend that's old enough to be my grandfather, he's a Vietnam vet and we talk and cry together often.

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