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Thread: tena stretch feel really good!

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    Default tena stretch feel really good!

    I recently got a sample for the tena stretch super and ultima when i was in search of a really good active wear diaper and I've got to say that I love these. I love the feel the single large velcro tab the way they move with you and the cloth lining does a pretty good job of keeping the moisture in. Will say that they don't have leak guards and the super have a 30 oz capacity so would be careful not to go to long with them but overall great experience. I put a goodnight trufit xl insert in ultima and if you add the 30 oz absorbency of the insert with the ultimas 25 oz capacity is on par with some of the lower end premiums for about a dollar a diaper. Would like to hear other peoples opinions on this diaper.

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    I really like them. They are comfortable. I like the way they feel wet and dry. They hold a good amount. I've only had leaks after 3 good soakings or laying on my side. Overall, I really like em. The single tab is great, too.

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