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Thread: Do you need them

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    Default Do you need them

    Do you need diapers or protection to wet on purpose?

    Sorry if this angers anyone, i wanted to ask this question.

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    Need is subjective. I need - emotionally - not physically.

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    No. I need them because I like to wear them for fun. Cloth makes me happier.

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    I wear for fun, but it's also a stress relief which is always yeah, it's kind of a need.


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    I agree with PulcherAnimus.

    I don't need them physically, but the mental desire is overwhelming.

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    Are you still going on about trying to wet on purpose? I really don't get your purpose. You can wet on purpose whether you are wearing protection or not. If you want to contain it and not look like you have issues, then I'd wear protection

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    I do not physically need diapers but emotionally yes. If I didn't have access to diapers I would probably lose my sanity just thinking about it.

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    You wouldn't want me on your furniture without one.

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    Not quite sure what the question is getting at. You mean if you want to wet yourself on purpose (as opposed to just going in the toilet), do you need a diaper to be able to do it?

    If so, answer is no, but I'd much prefer a diaper. When I started out with this stuff I did occasionally experiment with wetting clothes. Later realised diapers are much easier to deal with as I didn't have to wash clothes and avoid wet beds and sofas! I could still wet clothes on purpose if I wanted to, but I don't want to.

    Separate issue, but I find pooping far easier with a diaper. Using a toilet I poop at specific times and can go days without going. When I do I have to push it out hard and hate it. Wearing a diaper I'm far more relaxed and can feel the need to go at any time. I may hold it if the diaper isn't full, but sometimes it's hard as I just have an urge to go. Relax and it just comes out!

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    Maybe a little of both. I wear protection because I bedwet, but I also like the soft feeling of diapers and plastic pants. They are a comfort too.

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