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Thread: Little Keeper Sleeper

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    Default Little Keeper Sleeper

    LKS have refilled their stock. This time it's seem that all long sleeves without logo are avalaible in size 16 and 18

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    omg they got the zip at the back I so totally going to get one when I got the money

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    I have one, they are a great tight fitting item, I highly endorse them

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    I had never heard of these and already I wanna buy one. The strip look plus a zipper in the back? I was ready to pay anything for something so perfect.

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    there is a zipper and a blocker, its a piece of frabric that snaps over the zipper and below it, so you will need help removing it after you are wearing it. its meant to be a deterrent to people removing their nappies when they are not supposed to.

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    Still, it's an amazing design that I would buy just to have something so unique. But hopefully I can still use it even without someone helping me out of it. I imagine you don't need to apply the blocker right? It's gotta be an optional thing for those babies who just want a sleeper that zips in the back.

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    it is completely optional, if you dont mind a tab of fabric hanging on the side of the zipper, there is no need to use it.

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