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Thread: I never felt comfortable in Underwear Are boxers

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    Default I never felt comfortable in Underwear Are boxers

    I never liked wearing them that much underwear was to tight for me when I started wearing boxers it was ill better but still not great. Like I said in my sleep in diapers post I sleep in nude because sleeping in my boxers are uncomfortable
    So maybe diapers is what villa need what I miss

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    I understand sleeping in clothes even pyjamas are a bit uncomfortable for me, but if I am all snug and little, truth be told I could sleep with anything on lol

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    Default Diiaper more comfortable

    I can sleep with my shirt on sometimes if its hot then nothing ill was wondering if diapers comfortable to sleep with

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    I just sleep in a nappy and plastic pants.

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    Sometimes I wear my boxer briefs to bed with my pajamas and a t-shirt. But most of the time I wear my t-shirt, adult diaper, and pajamas to bed. It's very comfortable. Trust me, it works.

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    its just not in bed i just really don't like wearing them most of time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buhha View Post
    its just not in bed i just really don't like wearing them most of time
    Oh OK. I always wear my boxer briefs with my regular clothes on during the day time and in public. I sometimes wear adult diapers in public, but most of the time in my bedroom.
    That's just my opinion to be honest.

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    yeah its comfortable :3 unleoss it really hot in which case you better hope they can breathe or you will sweat like there is no tomorrow

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    Some ABDLs (okay, probably most) find diapers comfortable as well as comforting. I don't particularly find them to be either. I'm nuts for them but they aren't practical for me at all. I like them despite or perhaps partially because of their faults. I guess as long as we're happy, it's not so important how.

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