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Thread: Angellothefox hello I am new here

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    Red face Angellothefox hello I am new here

    Hello I am new here I am a ABDL and I consider myself a babyfur.
    How I see it they are 2 types of babyfur 1 adult form pretending to be a cub, the other is a babyfur cub but I am getting off topic.

    I live in the United Kingdom in Leeds you can see my age. Even though I put ABDL I consider myself babyfur and diaperfur because I am also a furry.

    I have High Functioning Autism and I came here because I thought. Since Fluffy Waddle is down I want somewhere other then Babyfur me to go and what better place then this.

    I had my eye on this website for quite a while.
    Oh yeah I am also a brony

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    reet? i'm on t' other side o' hill, just down t' road from you (Lancs)
    'course, that's about as much as we have in common (i'm a 'diaper recreationalist', if that means owt), but nice to see you, anyway.
    i do have my quirks, though. don't know if it would be described as 'autism'.

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    I used to live in Leeds....welcome hun ..hugs xxx

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    I haven't been a long time member but I can tell you with certainty that this site will take care of you. Also I briefly watched the MLP series and found its humor, story, and characters to be refreshing. I wouldn't call myself a brony but I would call myself a fan. Who is your favorite pony?

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