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Thread: The official car thread :D

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    Default The official car thread :D

    ok so this is the thread where u go and post what your favorite car is, reasons why and so on.... you can also post what you drive as well
    i will start *clears throat* my Favorite car by far is the 1970 Chevelle SS doesnt matter what motor is in it so long as the thing moves XD the reason why i like it is that the body styling is just awesomness plus when u pop the hood the entire under the hood area is nothing but engine, no electronics, no wiring harness' just engine and ground XD well for all of you who must know this is what i drive, a 1996 Saturn SW1 with a 1.9L EFI SOHC engine pushing 150BHP thing is it is FWD >.< but i can fix that
    here is a pic
    that is what i drive and if u are wondering that is a Valvoline decal on the front Q/P's cuz i am just that awesome
    OMG the engine is soo dirty in this pic >.< she is much cleaner now

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    nice malibu although there have been a few sightings of some that are rusting in a junkyard near me perhaps i should get one and turn it into a mean drag racing machine

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    Quote Originally Posted by dixonionthedemonlion View Post
    my Favorite car by far is the 1970 Chevelle SS doesnt matter what motor is in it so long as the thing moves XD
    You have perfect taste sir, but may I suggest the 454 with a MANUAL gearbox (scary concept to you Americans, I know). But either way my perfect 5 car garage would be - 1970 Chevelle SS 454 (MANUAL!!), GMC Sierra Denali (black with tan leather), Ariel Atom 300 (0-60 in 2s for 30k), Corvette ZR1 (currently my favorite car) and finally a Range Rover (proper one, dark green with cream leather).

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    Here is an awesome site. Home page

    A place to look up movies and see what cars were in them and what model they were and year.

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    all corvettes especially the corvette ZR1, all BMW cars, escalades preferably hybrid versions, favorite economy cars: Honda fit & theToyota prius[the prius gets great mpg],favorite exotic: Lastly lotus cars especially the
    Lotus Exige are awesome.

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    I have a shweet mini-van that I drive ^_^

    I'd like anything at this point...But if I could choose, then maybe like a Maserati or Aston Martin or something
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    I wonder what the automotive industry will be like 5 years from now, but it is amazing just what GM has done with the Corvette (even the "base" model, let alone the ZR1).

    Seeing as following what's going on in the automotive industry is probably one of my biggest interests, I could ramble on for ages here, but to keep it's sad that large American rear-wheel drive sedans are basically being consigned to history, even though European and Australian automakers have stood by them. When I always see the GM and Chrysler ads bragging about how many of their cars get 30mpg or better on the highway, I laugh and remember that that's only 5 mpg better than what the Lincoln Town Car gets.

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    chevelle ss ...haha...try a Buick Gran Sport Stage thats a real car

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