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Thread: Scammers ruin the internet.

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    Default Scammers ruin the internet.

    I know this might be a weird topic, but scammers and fraudsters kind of ruined the internet for those who value there privacy.

    Lets say I want to buy some web services valued at $200 even though I own the debt card, and It's registered under my name, they will always ask for ID which irritates me.

    Some reason if you sign up to specific sites, your inbox gets full of rubbish emails such as the government took my assets, and we need a small fee to bribe them.

    Considering I'm going to go into the reselling business, I'm going to have to block a huge bunch allocated ip addresses, to specific countries from using the service, mostly countries where scammers originate, and since It's only going to be australian, no need to allow other people to use it, as of yet.

    Even a lot of free dating sites are ruined, anything to do with free advertisements are ruined by Nigerian scammers, they either need money for a passport, or they got mugged, or there mother has cancer, and they need the funds.. that and there power goes out a lot, so they usually have to talk later grr.

    Went to sell my old phone on a Facebook page, ebay and craigslist, ebay completely suspended my account thinking I'm a scammer because I didn't have credit to call an overseas number, and they never reply by email.

    All I got contacted by was, you guessed it Nigerian scammers who wanted to send checks, sigh... so I never bothered selling it and kept it as a spare.

    I don't use VPNs when I buy things, but once I forgot to turn it off, and logged into my pay pal, bam they limited my account, the literal what.. that is bad. If you register to any big site with a VPN you have to verify your mobile, what even. It becomes a pain, because lets say you join facebook for the first time and your using a vpn, bam. you need to verify your mobile, same with skype.

    Yet if you don't, no need to, this is madness, facebooks anti-security measures tend to be a joke, they locked me out of my account one time, because I logged into a different location (public wifi) using you guessed it a VPN.

    Or, when people report your account, and you have to verify your name by uploading ID, really. I swear this has become a joke.

    It's not too much of an issue for me, but I'm sick of giving my ID out, left and right if I buy things over a specific amount, and some sites, even cancel your orders, and refund them if you make spelling errors, I once mispelt my last name, to have it flagged as fraudulent, which is a flipping joke.

    It's only becomes a issue, when you use gift visa cards, some hosting companies flag them as fraudulent, and you have to show the card with your name on it, that is unlikely since its a gift card.

    And my last hosting company, they did promotions for $1 domains, yet if you got to buy it, they literally request for your ID, because there "fraud systems" suspected it.

    Worse is, they always ask for passport or "drivers licence" which becomes a pain for me, because I only have a proof of age card, and often than not they reject it saying it's not valid ID, even though It's worth as much as a drivers licence, and is accepted as valid ID anywhere in Australia, even though It's government issued, just like a firearms licence.

    I respect that they want to protect me from fraud, but this has become a literal joke.

    I must add, since a lot of sites tend to use, camera based scans, what I mean by this is you hold your ID up, and because there US based, they completely reject proof of age cards (proof of id), which are just as good as a drivers licence here.

    Luckly I haven't had this happen when buying $100 dollar worth of diapers, I don't understand I'm not a fraudster, I don't break the law, I shouldn't have to throw my ID around just to buy specific things.

    I would like to ask, has anyone here been effected by scammers, or have had the effects of scammers effect them, such as companies getting all picky about you buying things. It's a lot worse when it comes to buying bitcoin legitimately as you guessed it, they don't accept my form of ID as a valid issued ID, yet it is. So often I end up not bothering.

    Scammers also ruin peoples lives too, why do scammers seem to stoop so low and con, scam, and steal peoples identities?
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    Just use Gmail (tends to filter out junkmail) and have a strong unique passwords for everything. Also if junkmail is that bad for you, you can always create a new email address and get rid of the old one. But do be sure to change that information on websites you've joined otherwise things can get complex. Afterall if you forget your password for a website and try to recover it, they'll send you a link to the email address you deleted if you didn't change it to the new one prior and oh boy that's a pain. Never happened to me but I saw it happen to someone else, it was very frustrating to say the least for that person.

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