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    I've been thinking, with my AB/little side I have a setpoint, kind of like an ideal saturation point. It's basically a scale of how much you indulge from 0% to 100% where 0% is no AB activities at all and 100% is being an AB full time. I feel like mine's is around 80%. In other words, in a week I might have the equivalent of 1 day without participating in my little side.

    I used to try to go full baby mode or no baby mode at all, and being a baby full time would get boring, and not being a baby at all made me go crazy, like binging forever later. At least for me, I don't think my setpoint is changeable, so it seems easier just to go along with it instead of fighting it.

    My question is, what is your setpoint, and does your's change?

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    For the most part I spend as much time as possible as a little. The times in which I am not are pretty exclusive to work, chores in which I have to be careful like using chemicals or making out bills and driving. Even sometimes at work I color or play with Mr. Bear if I'm not too busy. If I had to put a percentage on and this is only so low because between commuting to work and work itself I am (and I actually did the math) on average little 66.07% of the time. Now this is an average, there have been days where I just haven't felt like it and there are days when I'm off from work and can spend the whole day during the week as a little but a regular work weeks it's about that much.

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    The need for little time depends on what happens in life. Luckily enough I live by myself so when I need little time I just take some

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    I say it's 80% of the time because I do some adult things, ahem and it's completely different from my little side and once I am done, I put on a nappy. I go to college so most of the things I do there are not little apart from the occasional poster making! I go to college in diapers and change there in the bathroom. I have some adult interests like watching films and discussing stuff so sometimes I don't go downstairs with my toys.

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    I vary a great deal. Many weeks it will be zero and some weeks around 30%. It depends on my mood and what activities I want to do and activities that I have to do.

    In general, I do not set a 'set point' for any week, I just go with the flow, so to speak.

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    I won't set a point either, I work in 2 shifts changing weekly - in my late shift I sleep in diapers almost every night, in the morning shift almost never, weekend is different of course.

    I would say it's about 20-40% depending on shift and general freetime (vacation, longer weekends and planned activities)

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia View Post
    The need for little time depends on what happens in life. Luckily enough I live by myself so when I need little time I just take some
    It depends upon what is going on emotionally in one's life.
    Sometimes you need more regression time, and sometimes less regression time depending upon circumstances.
    Pardon my concise short replies.

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    After a frightening binge, I am aiming for one day a week at home doing chores and AB stuff.

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    Well, I volunteer with special needs kiddos once a week, so that would make one think that I must be at least 14%. But while that gig can involve getting down on the floor and playing/assisting with the kids, it also consists of various paperwork, or cleaning and vacuuming, which sucks. (bad pun intended)

    Even at home, about the only time my little side REALLY comes out is when I'm in the tub.

    I'm going to go with 10%.

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