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    So A little over a week ago, I went to a concert with some friends, and of course I wore diapers because i hate public bathrooms, and when we were in line waiting, I had the sudden realization, that they pat you down at the venue I went to.. But it was a little late to change or somehow cover it up, so I just went anyways, well closer to the line, and I get more nervous, but at the same time I wanted them to find out.. Anyways the lady patted me down, and when she search my waist she asked what the bulk was I just mouthed (Diaper) and she said I understand and let me past, I was so beyond nervous

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    This was exactly what deterred me from wearing at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento last year. Plus I was planning on drinking and I really didn't want to bring a change of diapers or run the risk of leaking. Concerts aren't exactly the most AB friendly when it comes to changing lol.

    I hope you still had fun at the concert, despite the brief embarrassment. (No pun intended)

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    After the NFL start the no bags in the area during game day I contacted them about this. I learned that if it was for medical reasons (extra diapers) then it can be in a regular back pack and not one of the plastic see through ones. The first time I went to the game after that I took the back pack along with the email from the head of security that had said that it was alright and went right on through. Yes they looked in my pack and yes they saw the diapers but not a word was said.

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    I did have fun! I wore mostly because of the same reason, I would be drinking, I just hate public restrooms, and with that many people it would be even more embarrassing , and I knew that everyone around me could see my diaper sagging, but I didn't care, it was nice to think that I might have been found out! :3 I just wonder what my friends thought if they noticed at all. but I will definitely be doing it again!

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