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Thread: GOING BARE (girls)

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    Can anybody advise me other than waxing what is the best way to totally get rid of pubic hair please..i want to go totally bare but razors really nip and i end up with cuts and quick growth back thats prickly and waxing is so painful...what do you use please? i hate growth!!

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    The best way /is/ waxing, though.

    But ummm.... I hear cream hair removal is effective if you follow the instructions closely and double check the product to make sure it's safe for the bikini area.

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    Thankyou hun. I tried hair removal cream once but i broke out so sore with it was like acid! looks like im stuck with waxing ..i just find it so painful .any suggestions how to make it less painful for me at all please or is there another way other than the waxing strips?

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    Take some ibuprofen ahead of time before having it done. I also recommend having it professionally done a few times to kinda get a gist of the technique if you wanna try it yourself.

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    Having hairs pulled out will always be painful - it's why tweezing is a monster. But other alternatives are the more expensive and serious ones like laser hair removal or electrolysis.

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    Thanks hun ..yeah might just do that ..shame we cant have needles to numb the area before they do it like at the dentist lol. would be alot easier then xxxx

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    Take it in little sissy steps - trying to do the whole enchilada is asking for major pain !
    Chemical depilatories work but test a very small area out of that usual wear and tear area
    come back later to finish more of the job. Possible to use cortisone or aspercream to tone
    the rashy result or other OTC products.
    Take the ibuprofen early on not just before doing the self styled surgery.
    Use water at the right recommended temperature - warm or hot water may help in the
    hair follicle sliding out of its cave but may not get to the root.
    Think of using an Epilator it is like a spiral circular tweezer - trim the hair a bit for the
    device to grab nubs of hair and tweezer them - it is no more painful than removing
    tweezed hair one at a time and lasts YMMV weeks at a time.
    After what ever treatment that is used stay away from normal bathroom products i.e
    Under arm deodorants spray lubes gels until sensitive skin returns to normal - bathroom
    soaps included easy on the hot water - test a small patch to find out.
    In a short time you find out what works and what doesn't !

    AND be fully aware that once you have accomplished your task it may be
    time to go back and do it all over again "Gradually" !
    The bestest method is the expensive Laser - there is woefully too much body
    to consider doing the electrolysis method !

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymomma View Post
    Thanks hun ..yeah might just do that ..shame we cant have needles to numb the area before they do it like at the dentist lol. would be alot easier then xxxx
    May as well go with an epilator instead (yes, it's going to hurt too yet, worst the first and, each time less- stick with it)...

    Look for products OTC, that have something like 5% Lidocaine... Wally-World has like a hemorrhoid cream with 5% Lidocaine for around $25 USD (what's UK's equal to Wal-Mart?)... test a very small area for any signs of reaction, in the area that you're intending to wax or epilate... if you pass that test; take the recommended dose of Ibuprofen 20-30 minutes ahead, trim for the epilator (1/4 to 1/8th inch), apply Lidocaine wait about 5 - 10 minutes, then begin (you might substitute the Ibuprofen for a Margareta or similar beverage). After the Lidocaine has set in; you may need to clean off the shortened hairs with isopropyl alcohol to prevent slippage...

    I strongly recommend that you read several reviews on the various epilators and, perhaps practice on underarms first. Not all hairs are alike and, not all epilators are suitable for this sensitive area - You might wind up paying around the same as salon waxing though, if this is a workable solution for you; you'll be able to wax or epilate in the privacy of your own home, any time you want - do not expect perfect results for the first few times... this will come over time, be deliberate but not overly aggressive - injuring yourself would likely end it for you...

    Assuming it's still on the market, there is a wax-like (might be a sugar method) product, called Nads... same principle as waxing or epilating, it uses strips like wax yet, it's not heated as much...

    You might even start conditioning your skin; trim the hair short but not stubble and do exfoliation with like a medium-soft nail brush when you bathe, for a few days ahead - this can actually help to prepare for shaving too... don't be rough though, do be deliberate with the motions.

    This is a weekend project... don't try to do this 20 - minutes before an appointment or date, etc. Make it so you're calm and relaxed and won't be distracted...

    Smooth sailing,
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    Thankyou so much girls....looks like i have a lot to try out....and a lot of pain killers to take lol.....Marka our walmart is Asda though not sure ive seen that product or heard of it but will take a look. They dont often sell what Walmart has or on a grand a scale. will do some test runs first as i say i had reaction to the creams and darent try those again. Have seen a product called magic which i havent tried but it says for beards and pubic areas without the use of razors..but again worried that i may have a reaction to it....wish i had a high pain threshold as i think this is going to be painful no matter what way i do it lol but has to be done!! xxxx

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    Thankyou hun.just looked that up on ebay as i`d never heard of it....learning alot here!! thankyou all again for all this useful imformation..will try out and see what works with the least pain lol xxx

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