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Thread: So yet again we are misrepresented to hundreds of thousands of people.

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    Default So yet again we are misrepresented to hundreds of thousands of people.

    So Paul Joseph Watson just released a video targeting ABDL.
    He basically calls us pedophiles and clearly has no conception of the word "role-play" to the point that he can't differentiate it between an adult actually full time living thinking he or she is an actual child (which is wrong) and an AB role playing as a child for a brief time. Now his 460,000 subscribers will be getting the wrong message that we are some wannabe pedophiles or something. What an idiot.

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    This thread has same topics with this:!

    I don't know if this had another topic for you to tell us, but good for posting.


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    Ah didn't see that thread but good that there was a positive article for a change. Even so just thought I'd bring this to attention because it really bugs me how many people don't take the time to research properly before deciding to make a video condemning something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungYoshi View Post
    Why does it always boil down to pedophilia?
    To be honest, I don't really blame people for this distinction even if it isn't an accurate one. You find out that your coworker has a baby's room set up in his home where he dresses up girls, has them act like babies and interacts with them as such, but he also builds sexual contact into this and fetishizes her role playing as an infant. You really don't see a superficial resemblance? Pedophiles are attracted to children. We're attracted to artifacts of childhood. The difference may be immense to us but it's not going to be that different to the uninformed layperson.

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    this guy is a sensationalist wanker just looking to bash the left wing for anything he possibly can dream up.

    I do find it a concern though we are running full steam ahead toward the moment of singularity with our one way communication via electronic mediums without being able to predict the end result of this grand experiment.

    On the other hand I am sure people had concerns when we started farming, started using electricity, started flying, gave women the vote etc that the social fabric would break down due to a change in the dominant drivers for society and possibly some of what determines the next generation and we are still here and maybe better for it in the long run.
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    A lot of people are generally uninformed idiots. (not all, just a lot)

    They will link anything to everything, even if it's unrelated.

    If it exists, there is bound for one closed minded person to link it to pedophilia, the other day I came across someone who thought adding random people on Facebook was pedophilia, not even joking here.

    Or they turn it into some political crap, oh It's leftist, Oh its burnie, the hell is wrong with people.

    Even worse, some people link it to "removing prayer from school, or God is doing this because we abandon him kind of people"

    I don't even understand how people can be so stupid and make links like ageplay being the same as pedophilia.

    That's like saying a dog and a cat is the same thing, or the reason my nonexistent cat died was because of X political party.

    Not everyone is stupid, but a lot of people are, not many people can see past there delusions, lots of people think there uninformed idea is reality, my gosh, sorry for this rant, but I can't even see how people can put two and two together, where nothing exists in between.

    Even worse, they turn it into "the leftists, or the rightest" are pushing this agenda onto them. ba I could care less about politics right now.

    I even read a comment where they try and blame the mainstream media, or hip hop, I'm trying not to laugh my diaper off here. ahahaha my goodness.

    Or they blame it on something, like video games, mainstream media, guns or whatever really...

    I've got the worse headache trying to make sense of not only the video, but the comments...

    I try and not watch videos like these, as they often result in my getting a headache.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrunkBear View Post
    I don't even understand how people can be so stupid and make links like ageplay being the same as pedophilia.
    This because each person has their own view of what they seeing, must to known that there are lot of people are still uninformed layperson and don't known the true meaning of infantilist so they so what are they consider ageplay like us are connected with pedophilia, some people who saw the video included guy who uploaded believe that her boyfriend did pedophilia things to her, but this is very different sense with us who live with this.

    Just like AEshaettr said that we are understanding about this life is attracted to childhood artifact and the pedophile is attracted to children, these are two different things, but for those who are uninformed and still not known regard us as if attracted to the children and this will be a major problem as a result of lack knowledge.

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    Actually, I didn't take any great offense to this...

    While the narrator certainly has some misdirection in his biased expressions and used some of the more taunting buzz words...

    ...I though he made some interesting points to contemplate as well.

    But, here's a thing... When we react to hysteria with hysteria; what do we hope to accomplish?

    Nain't many, if any of us here, that doesn't know (at least on some level) that what our most common denominator of proclivities and expressions are about - is at very least intriguing, and not openly socially-acceptable, even if we wish it were or, think it ought to be. If nothing else, it represents a very scant amount of the total populous; so as to be nearly obscure... except, that we do have the double edge swords of social media and youtube for example... broadcasting this obscurity.

    Why do you suppose that it is, that so many of us were at one time so distraught and in angst over our own bindings to this AB/DL thing? Though we knew our reprieve, release and pleasure from it - we don't understand it and, we feared it too... some still do.

    Even if we are comfortable with ourselves and this now... we still really don't understand it. How do we explain it?

    The funny thing to me was, this Watson guy, while working at disparaging this behavior/life style/etc; actually appears to show greater legitimacy for it and, some of the other so-called deviations from the norm. Perhaps, this is just what happens, when all of these aspects of this life and world come together... oh well!

    I think what catches people is a different angle on prejudice; and this is probably why most of us prefer to not have such assumed representations of us, with these sorts of videos/shows.

    And, as I believe that Trevor pointed out; there's a particular distinction between pedophiles and child-molesters/rapists/etc... a distinction, that's lost on the sensationalist media and, the reactionary general population. pedophiles are a tragic case indeed, the object of their desires so forbidden - for those who do not act on a child; they are no harm but of their own despair. However, pedophile or not, child-molesters/rapists/etc, are a blight on the very fabric of our society... Even with knowing this distinction, we are faced still with the issues of association. by proxy...

    As AEsahaettr, so eloquently pointed out; there is a rather academic correlation - yes, it's in terms and associations and a symbolic nature, rather than outright in actions but, for us to not see this to understand the fear and ignorance of others - we're not yet part of the solution either.

    Don't worry, I'm not suggesting that you go 'hug a pedophile'...

    I am suggesting however, if you're not raping and molesting children (or anyone else for that matter)... don't fret it - don't give it the power of legitimacy that's being sought.

    I suppose too, for those AB-littles seeking some form of respite and protection from the big-bad-world; this does present quite an obstacle, dropping such icky, adult, things, right smack dab in the middle of your playpens... I'd probably have a fuss too (and I have before)...

    Mindfulness, is a good thing BTW...

    We'll be forgotten, as quickly as we were discovered - let's do them a solid in kind, forget them too!

    Until next time,

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    You know, I know this isn't popular here, but I think that one of the core values of our society is the freedom for different people to say what they want, even when it's offensive. It sucks that he's wrong, but his criticism primarily boils down to his opinion that he doesn't find Binkie Princess' own account of her life trustworthy. If he's really interested in analysis (which I very much doubt), I'd hope that people would point out to him other experiences of ABDL that are non-sexual and perhaps dig into why he conflates any sort of physically attractive imagery with the assumption that the person is advertising sex.

    Regardless, I'd actually suggest not sharing it on ADISC if you dislike the content. Sharing here gives the guy views and acknowledgement, and unless he's interested in a legitimate dialogue, the thing to do is ignore it and spread more accurate information elsewhere.

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