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Thread: Wearing diapers in public

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    Post Wearing diapers in public

    have you ever wore diapers on public

    if you have, post your experience here

    BTW, this was from the old forum

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    once, and it was only a few blocks away from my house that I had needed to go though...

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    Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to post my guide to wearing in public.

    Yawgmoth's Guide to Wearing in Public

    Recommended Brands
    (In order from easiest to conceal to least)
    • Goodnites or any other pull-up brand.
    • Walgreens (cloth covered)
    • Attends/Depends

    Analysis of Recommended Brands
    1. Goodnites or other pull-up brands are extremely thin and virtually disappear beneath any kind of pants. I've spoken with girls from the community who have worn hip hugging, low rise, jeans out with goodnites on. The only draw back is the fact that they hold very little in terms of wettings, you can get in a wetting but don't count on a second.

    1. Walgreens new cloth covered adult diaper is one of the finest diapers for the public-wearing AB/TB/DL, in my opinion. The first thing to note is their cost; about $8.00 +tax for 20 diapers. Also, with a cloth cover, there's absolutely no crinkle whatsoever. They're slightly thicker than goodnites, but not by much, so they vanish beneath any type of pants just so long as your ass-crack isn't showing and they're not skin tight. As for wettings, from my personal experience I can get 3 wettings in a Walgreens brand, and it'll even hold a 4th just so long that you don't sit down. I highly suggest Walgreens brand.

    1. Attends and Depends are for the more daring AB/TB/DL. I've personally worn these out several times, and there's a series of special precautions you'll have to take in order to safely wear these out in public (see next section). Basically, they're thin enough to wear out in public under slightly baggy clothing, and the the crinkle can be diminished to a whisper if you put a pair of tight underwear on over them (a tight pair of boxers does wonders). They hold roughly 2 wettings, 3 if you don't sit down. I suggest these if you really want a "rush" with minimal risk and the babyish feeling of a plastic diaper.

    Special Clothing Precautions
    • This is a no-brainer, but I'll list it anyway. Make sure you put your diaper on very snug. As another member said in a post, make it tight enough that it leaves those unattractive red marks on your legs. This, as your can guess, prevents leaks which would be disastrous in public.
    • After putting the diaper on, put on a pair of underwear over it. The more coverage of the underwear, the more the crinkle sound will be suppressed. I find that a pair of tight boxers does wonders in concealing any crinkle noise. This, of course, means that you ladies should avoid the thong underwear for "crinkle concealment".
    • Another purpose of underwear is to act as a "decoy" just in case you're bending over (or something of the sort) and your shirt rides up revealing whats beneath your pants. Once the underwear are up over the diaper, make sure the top of the diaper is tucked down beneath the waistband of the underwear. Personally, I take it a step further and use a bit of masking tape to keep the diaper-top folded down in. This way, if your underwear is spotted it'll be your real underwear, not your special underwear.
    • The baggier the pants, the more I suggest wearing them. Really big cargo pants are a huge asset for this kind of public adventure. Of course, you can always adjust the tightness of the pants in accordance to how daring you're feeling. However, keep in mind that pants too tight will also restrict the absorbency ability of the diaper beneath them; this could cause your diaper to leak easier.
    • Wear a belt. I don't care if you don't like belts, or you never wear them, make an exception when you're wearing a diaper. Also, pull the belt one or two notches tighter than you normally would. In doing so, make sure your underwear is beneath where the belt is applying pressure to. This further prevents your underwear, or your diaper, riding up.
    • Wear a long shirt. This, once again, is a common advice tip with obvious purpose. It's just another anti-detection precaution. Just do it.

    Common Sense Tips
    • Don't go #2 in your diapers while in public. It's a dumb move regardless of how you look at it. If you do this, I will personally hunt you down and end your existence with a rusty spatula.
    • Whatever diaper you plan wearing out, know the holding ability of it for you. I've provided my wetting capacity numbers on the diaper analysis above, but the amount that you urinate may be more or less. Test a few diapers out before you go out so you know the amount it can hold before a leak.
    • Always wet one less time than your diaper can hold. If you know your diaper can hold three wettings, only go twice in it. Better safe than sorry.
    • Guys, I know you've heard this before, but make sure you're pointed in the right direction. Some of us more "well endowed" men can get pointed in all kinds of directions as we walk around. This is another reason to make the diaper extra snug, it keeps everything in place.
    • Don't flood your diaper. It's a stupid thing to do, and you'd be stupid to do it.
    • Don't draw attention to yourself. In other words, it's not too smart to wear a diaper to work on a day where you have to stand up and give a speech to the board of directors.
    • Don't wear to an event where all the people close to you (friends, family, coworkers, schoolmates, etc...) are there. In other words, don't wear to places like family reunions, work, school, and so on.
    • Wear out to public places populated primarily with people that you don't know. Good places include the mall, wal-mart, amusement parks, and general places like that.

    I'm sick of typing, I might go on with more tips tomorrow. I hope this helps...

    EDIT: Would this go well in the Wiki?

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    Ive been to disney world with ab friends and worn an xplus with a stuffer. Its really not that bad. If you dont make a big deal out of it others won't. We carried a bookbag with small things of powder a travel case of wipes and some diapers just in case we needed a change but we didnt have any issues with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yawgmoth View Post
    EDIT: Would this go well in the Wiki?
    Yes, Plz Put in Wiki.

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    More precautions:
    • Take a small item in a crinkly plastic wrapper with you in your pocket (e.g. a package of Kleenex, a candy bar etc.). When someone approaches you and asks what the crinkling sound is, you can pull the plastic wrapped item out of your pocket and show it to them. No need to long-winded excuses for a crinkling sound.
    • Wearing two sets of underwear may be helpful - a pair of briefs right over the diaper to keep it in place, and the biggest/longest pair of boxers or boxer briefs you can find to conceal the "package".

    More common sense:
    • Don't grab, tuck, check your diaper in public! People will wonder why you keep fumbling your crotch area and look closely...something you want to avoid!
    • Male members should discreetly check the position of their male parts every now and then to avoid surprises when your parts have been moved around while walking and suddenly point sideways.
    • Female members should note that the absorbency cannot be fully used when wearing in public only. Since you'll be primarily in a standing and maybe sitting position, all the pee will stay at the bottom of the diaper. So do not overestimate the capacity!


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    Quote Originally Posted by betagame View Post
    have you ever wore diapers on public

    if you have, post your experience here
    I've worn numerous times in public...on buses, trains, walking, in shops, libraries, restaurants, friends homes, movie theatres, etc etc etc The list goes on and on and on.

    What experience? I had a diaper on...I went places...I came home and changed. WHOOP-DE-DOO!

    No one notices (and if anyone tells a tale of how they wore a diaper and EVERYONE noticed the BS FLAG has been raised to the top of the pole).

    Diapers do not "crinkle" as loudly as you THINK they do (you hear it 'cause you're wearing it), everyday sounds mask the crinkle....even in a quiet library!

    I could go on and on, but I'm tired and I have a headache.

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    I wear in public all the time. To work, hanging out with friends, wherever. I've never had a problem with it... never had it mentioned to me by anyone... and I wear the thick ones too Abris, Secure X-plus, Bambino.

    My gf also wears on a regular basis to school and work. Though she prefers pull-ups or the Walgreens diapers.

    Honestly it's not as big a deal as you think it would be. The thought of you wearing a diaper is probably the furthest thing from people's minds... and even if they do see something... it's an embarassing topic to try and broach with someone.

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    hah, public, i am an exobitionist (totally not how you spell that ) totally, i wear almost everywhere, especially at school and sometimes at work (delivery) sometimes i get bored and like to get my kicks, ill go to the rest stops on the freeway and walk out of the bathroom/go back to my car with nothing but a fresh diaper and shirt (funny story actually, comes down to not wanting to put soaked pants back on after changing) as i said, i like the "danger" of being found out

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    I've worn DryNites, Depends, Molicare's and Bambinos(!) out before.

    DryNites and Depends aren't too bad. Easily concealed and no noise.

    Molicare's can make a slight bulge, but I got away with it pretty easily.

    Bambino's are just insane to go out in. I wouldn't recommend it at all!

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