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Thread: How's it going fellow *B/DL's?

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    Default How's it going fellow *B/DL's?

    Hey everybody, it's GrayGem350 here just startin up on ADISC with a little introduction Well I am from the Big Apple, I think I might be around...55% TB and 45% DL. I have recently begun writing stories IMO I think my drawings might be better than my stories, but whatever :p Hopefully if my paranoia drops down abit, you guys might be able to see just what I can bring art and literature wise! I hope to meet alot of interesting and fun people on here, Take care!

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    Hey GrayGem350; welcome to ADISC!

    - Asher

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    With your art and story skills, maybe you can make a diapered comic book Anyway, I hope you like it here, this is an awesome place to chat and make friends, just remember to post! and you will fit in just fine


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    Welcome to the big blue wander they call, "ADISC!" Here you will find various droll members who lurch around these forums frequently. Some may become your friends, Some may become your enemies, and Some may even slap you with a large trout (which is not uncommon from what I've heard of in the big apple). Here you may find yourself spending many hours posting, posting, thinking and posting. You'll cover controversial topics, such as, "Should I tell my parents?", "Why would someone tell their parents?", "what's your favorite kids toy?", "What's the best diaper?", and most importantly, "did you see that new video on youtube, the one where the guy does some awesome kung-fu and severs someone's head with a spork, pretty kick-ass wasn't it?"

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