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Thread: over active bladder and urge incontinence

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    Default over active bladder and urge incontinence


    today morning, i woke up and went to fill a cup of water
    as i was filling the cup, i leaked few drops
    it must be the sound of running water, i searched online it was linked
    to urge incontinence, and this is why i am here

    this rarely happens to me, it might have happened before,
    but it must be long ago

    other than that, i do pee a lot, and usually the urge feel above average
    i also poop very frequently, i guess compared to others
    i am 5'7" and almost 200 pound, so kinda fat

    my question is, can this get worst
    can i take action now that will prevent this from becoming more serious

    if i loose weight does it help

    can mild or infrequent urge incontinence become worst with age and time

    thank you
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    Incontinence can get worst with age and time.

    With that said, it really depends on the why and only a urologist could time you that.

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    when I hear running water, brush my teeth or in other ways get distracted my bladder usually contracts heavily, and I wet myself, and the volume I'm leaking is actually not big, but my bladder just responds to such things.

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    Go See an urologist to get checked out if you have not already done so, incontinence can get worse over time.

    not to scare you but I have gone from small discharges after going to the washroom (just enough to dampen my underware) to needing full taped diapers in just under 2 years.

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    Many with overactive bladder may find that certain sights, sounds, or situations, i.e. “triggers,” stimulate voiding. For OAB, these visual, auditory, or situational "triggers” usually include running water, rising from a sitting position, entering the bathroom, drinking a liquid, washing hands, entering the shower, placing a key in the door, and others. Specific stress situations also can be “triggers.” Each person may respond to one or more different triggers.

    I found that I was voiding in my diaper whenever I helped my wife with washing the dishes (and no, I did not get out of helping wash the dishes).

    As you indicated that this has rarely happened to you, I would not worry about it and would not yet consult a urologist. It is no worse than the millions who pee while in the shower yet who do not have issues outside of that setting. At present it does not necessarily indicate a urological problem. However, now that you are aware of it, keep an eye on it and, should it become worse, you definitely should consult a urologist.

    Meanwhile, a standard "trick" you might employ is to clinch your pelvic muscles before you run the water. You should use the same muscles you would use to cut off the flow of urine at the toilet. Of course, this technique is only really effective when you already know what your triggers are. I have several "triggers" and use this technique, also called "quick flicks."

    Good luck!

    (double incontinent and wearing 24/7; cloth at night)

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    For me cleaning my teeth always makes me wet my nappy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ST50 View Post
    For me cleaning my teeth always makes me wet my nappy.
    I have to pee while brushing my teeth (wearing a diaper or not) too. But I'm not incontinent and can hold it if I want to.

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    The worst one for me is refuelling the car. The flowing fuel and the vibration of the pump mean that I get empty as the tank gets fuller. Just one reason why I am diapered 24/7 except at home where a leak isn't a disaster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ST50 View Post
    For me cleaning my teeth always makes me wet my nappy.
    Interesting - cleaning my teeth always triggers by bladder to empty. I use an electric toothbrush and I've always thought that it was the vibration against my gums that was the trigger. Anyone else find this?

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    Electric shaver has same effect - but for some unknown reason less so than the taps running or teeth cleaning - perhaps its the combination of vibration and fluid movement that affects us most - maybe the feeling mirrors the internal sensation as urine passes from the inside to the outside of or bodies.
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