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Thread: I'll be gone, in a day or twooo!

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    Default I'll be gone, in a day or twooo!

    It's not just a song, it's a great gift from God, too! I'm leaving, this Friday! I'll be making my big move, my escape, in two more days. The only thing I feel even the slightest amount of badness about, is leaving my cats behind... I love them, waay too much... I mean, I actually talked to them, about me leaving, today (Yeah, yeah, "crazy" joke intermission here..) It actually makes me cry, to think about never seeing them again after this Friday...

    This is awful... I don't wanna leave them here, it feels just like if I were to know they were both gonna die, this Frday... I'll never see them again... Never... I can't take this... I feel so guilty for it... Leaving them, all of a sudden... I mean, I don't know if they'll understand what's going on or what... I mean, I remember when our dog had to be put down because of cancer... It was awful... They looked everywhere for him, and you could tell they didn't know what happened, from how they acted. Either that, or they were denying it. They definitely had a change in how they acted, they acted just like humans grieving... Slunk around, looking for something, acting all sad... Maybe it's just me, but I definitely saw a change in them.

    I feel terrible for just up and doing that to them all over again, being the main source of attention for them... I never thought leaving what most would consider pets would be this hard... I love them just like I would another family member, hell, they're who I talk to a lot of the time when I am mad... I know full well they almost positively can't understand exactly what I'm saying, but they're someone to talk to.

    And, cats are smart. They seem to be able to understand at least the emotion and feeling in a voice, just as you could understand a general gist of what a person was trying to convey to you, if they were speaking a foreign language, just by the tone in their voice... I don't know what to do... And now I've went on about my cats, waay off topic, but I guess I really need to address this... This was supposed to be a happy post... Ah well. I dunno. I just feel awful about it.

    It's this Friday... It seems so close now.
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    Where are you going, and why do you have to leave your cats. Why is this in the Mature Topics board

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    You don't remember? About how I said about the current events of my life?
    Here's a link on the history of this post:

    And, I revised the original post for you. I usually just end up going off and typing what I think and feel, and forget to paragrapharize it.

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    I remember reading our other threads, so good for you! And I mean that, seriously good for you!

    At the same time I can relate to how you're feeling about your cats. I felt similar when I moved away from home and left my dogs. Still, I came by and saw them every once in a while, so it's not really the same thing.

    I also get the thing about pets knowing that someone's missing but not understanding it. I've seen in twice when my dogs died. Each time there was another dog in the house who kept going around looking for the dead one. It was really kind of heart-breaking to see, but the good (for the lack of a better word) thing is that animals seem to get past it and forget way faster than us people do.

    Anyway, good luck with everything!

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    I wish you the best of luck, adaffme149. It is really hard to leave those that you love, where you will probably never see them again (for you, it's your cats).

    I wrote a piece for Scholastic one time that had to deal with leaving those you love; this might be the best way to say it:

    "...If a thing you love suddenly ends, you had every right to miss and cherish it. But as soon as I was to discover, we have to take what we have been given. We should cherish what we love, what we once loved, and what we will love. Things end, relationships end, friends move away. And, as humans, we have to cherish what we have been given on Earth.
    To remember, to cherish, to believe. These glories of life are sometimes all we have to work with... But no matter what you love, it will end, one way or another. And we have to cherish what we have, what we can remember, what we can believe. Maybe then, we can all realize how thankful we should be for what we have and who we are."

    I wish you the best adaffme149; good luck!

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    May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your mother's crack.

    It's nearly time. Let us know how the move goes.

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    Well, I'm out now. I left my door, but there's a catch- I took the handle and hinges... The door was too big to take. I'm setting up at my new place now. =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by adaffme149 View Post
    Well, I'm out now. I left my door, but there's a catch- I took the handle and hinges... The door was too big to take. I'm setting up at my new place now. =)



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