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Thread: Fittness and diapers

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    Default Fittness and diapers

    Exercise, is anyone else avidly trying to get in shape so that they can look better wearing a diaper? And how many if any exercise with a diaper on?

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    I am always trying to get in better shape, I don't know if I would say it is for the specific purpose of looking better while wearing but that would be a welcome side effect. I do not wear while working out. I already sweat more than the average person and I wouldn't want to compound the issue by trapping moisture around my waist

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    Everybody is always trying to lose weight anybody ever heard of Baby fat?

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    Well my main reason is so that I won't have as hard of a time with finding a girl friend. And I also feel that it would help any potential girl friends like me. If Im fit then it might be easier to accept as far as coming out to them about the whole diaper interest. If that makes sense . I really should have posted this in mature topics probably :P

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    I think you have a good plan. I go cycling and I'm often diapered under my shorts. No one knows and it makes me feel good, if not sort of stoked!

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    Being incontinent, I have to wear a diaper when I work out. I usually wear a pull up, like Depends real fit, rather than a taped plastic backed diaper. I don't want it to be too obvious.
    Yes, I have wet it when doing a Pilates (like yoga) class with others in the room. Fortunately it was not a flood and it was close to the end of class, so I just waited until class was finished and then changed and then continued by weights workout.

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    I'm trying to get in shape in general.

    I exercise with a pull-up.

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    I'm trying to get in shape just to get rid of the weight, the diaper size down would just be a bonus.

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    Like others, keeping in shape is more important for overal health for myself, the added benefit is staying in the same diaper size for the last 15 years.
    I could see someone starting to exercise using the thought of fitting better in diapers as motivation, either way it's important to take care of your health.

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    A lot of my free time is spent in sports governance with a lot of media exposure so training to maintain an aesthetic (and health, of course) that is appropriate for the sport is important. I don't wear diapers to train, although that would certainly help with the input/output of fluids and my time management!

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