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Thread: Any Native Amercans

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    I know of at least one, and I am attuned to the indigenous people.

    Why do you ask?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llayden View Post
    I know of at least one too, Egor.
    I was being nice.

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    My grandmother was full blooded Lenni Lenape Indian and my dad half. All my cousins are Lenni Lenape. Growing up Indian (Native American) is an interesting experience. My mom was German, so it was an interesting mixture.

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    My grandma was full native American, so I do have some indian blood in me, but I'm not native American, i'm a mix of a lot of things...basically a mut sort of speak.

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    My family has been in America since before the start of the US so I'm a mix of about everything but black and Asian. Before she died my grandma was big into geniology, I even went with her to new York city to a courthouse to look at old census records on microfilm. We traced our family back to early 1700's orange county new york. We know there were marriages to natives but we don't know the tribes, it was a bit of a taboo thing at that time to marry a native woman.

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    I think I know one that is 1/8 th Native American

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