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Thread: Sani Quattro diapers

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    Default Sani Quattro diapers

    Can anyone post pics of this diaper. I would like to see them since the redesign and the build quality like padding alignment, standing leak guards. Thanks for your help.

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    I don't have any photos, but I just gave a Seni Quattro an overnight test last night as it was SO hot and my normal Dry 24/7s were making me sweat like crazy. The leg guards are about 2" tall, but there is not a separate standing leak guard separate from the leg elastic. This might be an issue for fecal containment, but as I am only UI it was able to handle the night for me. As far as build quality, overall they are built well, but like all other clothlike-backed diapers they tend to seep out moisture from inside to the outer cover. Not enough to make a spot on anything, but enough for you to feel dampness between your legs - that's what I dislike the most about cloth-backed styles, but it's a tradeoff as it definitely does breath better, which is a help on hot days.

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    I use them for the same reason as PlotTwist in addition to my Abena L4s. I am Bowel incontinent too and I haven't had any containment problem yet, but my mobility is impaired so that might be a factor in that. I haven't noticed a significant change in the absorbency, but the padding is definitely less thick, and it's definitely less wide in the back.

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    And I might be weird, but I liked the Pink stripes a lot more than the Peach ones, lol

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