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Thread: Adult Coloring Groups and Senior Centers--Be an AB with company

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    Default Adult Coloring Groups and Senior Centers--Be an AB with company

    Aah my AB friends, we can do one AB activity and not be by ourselves. We of any age can join an adult coloring book club. I saw some in my city on google.

    And senior citizens among us can go to senior center activities or senior activities anywhere where they treat us like babies and everything is simpled down. I couldn't believe but was glad about how infantalized I and others are at such places. And many people there will be in diapers enjoying them as AB's or not.
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    Haha...yeah, if I went to a senior center to color, I might be tempted to go there diapered.

    My wife bought me a couple adult coloring books along with colored pencils and markers for Christmas. I colored a couple pages in. But last month she bought me a digital piano so I've been playing piano instead. It's hard to feel babyish playing the big pieces like Chopin.

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    Well, you could pretend you are a younger age playing the piano--as a precocious person at that age-and a big person is looking on treating you like you are that younger age.

    Anything you want to do at a senior center you could go diapered to, because they treat us like babies and have baby things for us to do like watch videos or play bingo. I have to switch to only wearing full diapers not just thick panty liners at night for affordability. But one daytime place I Will always wear a diaper--senior centers or community place senior activities.

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    Also to keep a conversation hopefully going, this is about acting our our AB selves discreetly NOT ALONE but with others in AB kind of activity groups.
    There are adult coloring groups, senior center simple activities for us over 55 or 65 (where the staff infantilizes us and many Are in diapers out of need), what else?

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