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Thread: big hi from the uk

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    Default big hi from the uk

    hi all

    ive been on here for a while now and i havnt posted an intro yet
    so i thought i wud. im 16 and i live in the north west in stoke on trent. ive been into diapers since i was 13. i wud love to chat to anyone at all, so feel free to add me on msn or yahoo. your choice

    msn - [removed]
    yahoo - [removed]

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    That's near Alton Towers right?

    Besides the point.

    Well, bit late for a welcome so, uh.... yeah... carry on!


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    A belated welcome from me too.

    For some odd reason, the name "Stoke-on-Trent" always gives me the image of some old guy dying from a heart attack while setting up a tent, mostly because I seem to misplace the "r" so it becomes "Stroke on Tent". However, it looked like a normal city to me on the occasions times I passed through it on the train.


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