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Thread: Newest Java Project in my Computer Science Class. Those who want to try coding it, here it is. :)

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    Default Newest Java Project in my Computer Science Class. Those who want to try coding it, here it is. :)

    ACSL Blokus - Intermediate Division

    PROBLEM: Blokus is an abstract strategy board game for two to four players, invented by Bernard Tavitian and first released in 2000 by Sekko´a, a French company. The ACSL version of the game is played on a square board divided into 10 rows and 10 columns. Rows are labeled A - J and columns 1 - 10. Pieces made of square tiles are used. The tiles are numbered from 1 to 3 as shown below. The following 2 pieces will be used:

    Piece A
    Piece B

    ((Class is over. I'll finish this later.))

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    When I was taking Java, one of our projects was checkers (it was a high school class). Anyway, to keep track of what what going on on the board, I simply made each square it's own object. Each object had status bits for red/black piece/no piece etc. The i just coded two different classes, one for rule checking and one for drawing the screen after running the rule checking.

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    Yeah.. I never finished it. >.>

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    I tried to code a version of it but I fucked it up big time...

    I ended up with spinning heads. Just a black screen with spinning heads when I used the compiler


    I give up... lol... I need to learn better. I barely know this anyway
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    Yeah... Definitely never even turned the dang thing in..

    I had nothing.

    I'm doing some coding on my own though, just for fun.

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    I took a few Java classes at my local community college.. and I never learned right lol... Everything I make turns out odd..

    Once I tried to make a Digital Clock Applet and some how, even though I put the numerals in the correct places, the digits on the clock cycled backwards ... lol

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