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  • Soda

    17 34.69%
  • Coke

    7 14.29%
  • Soft Drink

    3 6.12%
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Thread: Pop or Soda?

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    Default Pop or Soda?

    What is your choice? I wonder whether it is regional or not so post your region (US or otherwise) along with your choice.

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    Soda. There are other names than those two, by the way.

    Oh, I see you have them in the poll. Nevermind then

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    Us Baltomorons always called any soft drink soda when I was growing up. Of course, in our house soda always meant Coke!

    A neighbor kid in the next building was originally from Michigan and he always used the term "soda pop" or just plain "pop".


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    Funny thing is we actually studied this in AP Human Geo.

    Pop is a NW term, Coke is a Southern term (Coca-Cola advertising WIN right there) and Soda is a NE term. Dunno much about soft drink, though.

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    quote from a friend of mine:

    Him : You wanna coke?
    Me : Sure
    Him : What kind?
    Me : meh, Mountain Dew

    coke is used almost interchangeably with soda because of its popularity here.

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    lol ins't calling it coke kinda specific? XD

    well good thing I love coke the most :3

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    Pop. Definitely pop . We call it that in both western PA and central Indiana.

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    Here in Texas, almost everyone says coke. Sometimes, you'll hear soda. Never, ever pop.

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    Pop is the only proper way to say it. After all, the midwest is the only reserve of proper spoken American English.

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