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Thread: How do I have a dream?

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    Default How do I have a dream?

    Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunns View Post
    Any ideas?
    Everyone has dreams every night some just dont remember them. This site has some good tips.

    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    I laughed so hard at this. Thank you for that. xD

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    for me remembering them is as simple as eating the wrong things right before bed

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    Disturbing but clever!

    OP did you mean how do you have a dream when sleeping or how do you have A dream as in something to aim for in your life?

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    Default Dream of Sleep/Dreaming for Something

    A dream is something experienced or seen during sleep. There are frightening dreams (nightmares) as pursued by criminals or parting with a loved one, there is also a dream achieved encouraging such ideals or get something to be desired (good dream). Everyone has had dreams during sleep either a sweet dream or a nightmare. So, why people can have dreams during sleep?

    At the moment we sleep, most of our brain cells in a resting state. But there are also some nerve cells that are in working condition. Therefore, there arises a dream when we are sleeping. The dream can not be separated from the activities of our daily lives and are usually associated with the impression and our own personal experiences, or influences of the external environment such as the story of the novel and drama scenes we've ever watched via TV and Film.

    There is also a dream caused by stimulation of our organs such as holding urine during sleep will result in the emergence of dreams relating to Toilet. Another example of the dream as people will often dream when dating her boyfriend, currently has a strong desire to go to a location, or the desire to eat something, then usually those desires can be achieved in a dream. Conversely, if we are watching a horror movie before bed, the possibility of the emergence of terrifying dreams when we are in a sleep state.

    Hence, a psychologist from Austria named Sigmund Freud (1856 - 1939) argues that the dream is "Achieving the top of a desire".
    How long do we dream?
    According to research scientists, the average man spends (quarter) sleep time in a dream. If you're having a dream a long time (more than 1/4 of sleep), then we will feel tired after waking up.

    But, if you mean dreaming for something in your life:

    The dream is the key, for us to conquer the world, Run Without Tired, until you reach it. Everyone should have a dream to be realized. Do not be afraid to dream about something big, because nothing is impossible as long as you cultivate appropriately.

    You have the dream, also because you feel you have the ability there. But there are some people who have dreams but according to others it might not be achieved. One thing you should know that the dream is yours, do not belong to anyone.

    As long as you were able to make it happen, why should you care about the people who don't bring progress for the achievement of your dreams? But ... that doesn't mean you earmuffs same constructive criticism and suggestions of your personality you know. Keep your good work, and not at what you want to achieve, hold the key to your own life.

    may this help you

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    i meant how do i dream about wearing diapers?

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    It will come up in its own accord! It did with me even before I was wearing but more strongly after 2 months of wearing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buhha View Post
    i meant how do i dream about wearing diapers?
    Dream is a subconscious experience that involves multiple senses such as thinking, feeling, hearing, and vision while sleeping and events that happen in our dreams is a response from all the events we most often mind to want something that desired. If we always think that wear diapers every day, then the events that will occur in the dream, too.

    So if you keep thinking to wear diapers or have a strong desire to wear it, it will happen in your dreams.

    (Sorry, please to write clearly what you mean, it would be confusing to understand.).
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    Well, if you want to wear diapers in a dream you can sort of force it if you learn how to cause lucid dreams. It takes a lot of work and effort though.

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