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Thread: My plastic pants so stiff in the legs what gives please

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    Default My plastic pants so stiff in the legs what gives please

    I wear cloth diapers for comfort and with plastic pants. All my plastic pants are stiff in the legs or on one side. Since plastic pants are so expensive what can I do. I do not wet just like to wear my diapers and plastic pants. Please help me.

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    Without trying to sound rude, are the plastic pants the right size for the cloth padding you're wearing? Is it possible to buy thiner cloth ones so the pants can fit?

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    I think certain lotions and rash creams can cause the plastic to lose its flexibility. And speaking of ocelot jokes, How much is an Ocelot?
    $100. $100?...ocelot of money! sorry.

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    Yes, even the oils in your skin will eventually harden the plastic in plastic pants. Soap is even worse because it's a petroleum product. I rinse my plastic pants thoroughly in the shower when I take my shower and I don't use soap. They last several months using this method but eventually, they harden.

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    Yep, plastic pants will harden over time in the area around the inside of the legs. It's primarily your skin oils that do it. I haven't found a way to revive them so I toss mine after they get so stiff, they start to tear.

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    Mine harden at the top of the back for some reason, it spreads down from there. the front top starts to harden by then too, I make em last a little more, then toss em. I have a ton of em though.

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    When you do get money, I'd suggest these, they are my favorite. Both comfortable, and effective.

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    Consider that other than oils; gels; body sweat and what other stuff you make contact with - HEAT - can be a contributing factor.
    Remember you don't put your pretty pink plastic panties into a dryer unless it is just to fluff dry (just dry moving air).
    Lying on one's side through out the night generates heat between you and the mattress - sitting one position continually also raises
    the heat level on one's posterior. Care full after washing laundering your precious plastic panties that you don't expose them to sun
    light in trying to line dry them. Hang them in a cool dry area with sufficient air movement to evaporate the moisture. Suggested to
    gently towel dry them and place in that cool dry area - but you don't need to freeze dry them LOL !
    Be careful of getting cheap novelty plastic diaper covers suitable for a fantasy of a crinkle noisy diaper. You certainly pay for what
    you get and with more expensive diaper covers need to take care of your investment !
    Now of course you knew that or maybe ABDL baby diapers care 101 hasn't been taught - in your age bracket yet ! Again LOL seriously !

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    From the technical side of things, soaps, body oils, creams, and especially Vaseline leach the plasticizers out of the vinyl. The plasticizer gives the vinyl the flexibility otherwise it would be rigid like siding or pipe. UV light is also bad for vinyl, it does sunburn, in siding there are special additives for that.

    I use baby shampoo, a couple of drops in a sink of water, to wash my vinyl pants. I line dry them after that and store them in a cool dry place with similar materials. I also enjoy latex. I keep the vinyl away from the latex as it is harmful to the latex.

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