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Thread: held till i soaked

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    Default held till i soaked

    i just held in my pee till i had a genuine accident it felt great

    and im suprised my diaper held it all and didnt leak

    now im typing this in a very soggy diaper with a masive grin on my face so happy

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    I know it made you happy but if you carry on you could harm your bladder and kidneys and end up on A and E in pain. Try explaining that to the nurses! Not trying to be a wet blanket...

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    Yeah he could also end up on TLC as an example of what not to do, most people do it on YouTube for free, I however would like to do it and get paid so The Learning Channel would get my videos after they cut me a big fat check.

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    The video failed to mention back pressure and back filling the kidneys and causing Acute Renal Failure, you destroy your kidneys and poof you become a dialysis patient, they get to sit for usually five hours, four times a week doing dialysis to prolong there life, so you get to watch alot of TV read a bunch of books , or listen to alot of music doing that, And working goes away you live on disability, I ride paratransit with many people on there way to or home from the dialysis centers, those centers do dialysis around the clock and each one will do 30 or 40 patients a shift and there are 9 of them in my town Alone! So you can play but chances are at some point in some way you will pay for the fun you had a little to often or a little to long.

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    It is better to have a new kind of fun if you will with diapers. Rather than hold and gush, constantly have small flows going when and where, forced or natural. The flows feel warm and soft and get absorbed gradually so the diaper doesn't leak.

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    I no longer have the luxury of being able to hold until I go. Instead, when my bladder is full it just goes. I try to get to a bathroom if it's possible but often it's not. Thank goodness for pullups.

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