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    It's been a while since my last post, been lurking round boards etc etc. But lately I've come across questions in my mind and thought about this board, somebody here might have something to say and after all I have no better place to post this.

    Long story short (or long, lets see what happens when I start writing this..) I've finally accepted wholly the fact that traditional genders are not who I am. What's more than that, I found myself fitting more to female gender than male one, glad to have a choice of being neither though.. One of the reasons I write this here (apart from the fact I know no forums for this specific topic and the fact I've never seen community this helpful and accepting as adisc..) is it all "started" from ABDL play. When I fantasize about abdl activities it's always been me as girl. Sometimes very often when my more bdsm'ish side comes to play I could be boy but mostly girl. I love playing a little girl taken care of by mother (my gf) and while this is sexual it's also much more.

    For past years I've been on the search of who I am. I've participated in pride marches dressed in female dress but never dared to call me anything. Part of me always thought that it's only sexual, only this weekend I realized that it isn't.

    The reason I had started thinking it as sexual activity is the way being LG is kinda sexual for me. I thought that I wasn't anything "for real" but rather just enjoy dressing that way for kicks. After realizing it isn't so I started thinking if things are actually other way around, that my dressing female isn't related to me being LG but instead me seeing myself as girl is because of my feminine gender identity.

    I'd love to hear comments about everything mentioned, one thing I'm interested in particular is the connection between LG and gender identities, is there similarities in your experiences. Also if there is somebody who is just LG (with no forcedfeminization play involved, like "a real girl" LG) that apart from that identifies as male I'd love to hear and compare to myself.

    Thank you in advance

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    My honest thoughts on what you've described is that you're an amazing sort of person.

    I've always felt that labels were labels. They can be useful in helping us learn more about ourselves, but we should never limit ourselves solely to their stereotypical definitions. I'm a assigned male at birth trans girl because that label feels right to me. That's who I am and who I've always been. From what you've described you are a identified male, ready embrace your life as one beyond the idea of traditional gender role restraints in most of your life, but enjoy the happiness of indulging them in this age regression/age-play context. I think that's perfectly fine. Amazing actually. You would be invited to play with my dolls and me any day!

    Being an LG often means a happy indulgent of some part of societal gender dance. A very specific one at a very specific age that I've always had a large attachment to and is apart of who I am still. The whole binary gender role expectations are absolutely different at that age and it's a complete separate entity. If connecting yourself with some things that make you happy, through those labels or whatever else makes you happy.. then I think that's in a sense "that". It doesn't need explaining. It's just beautiful. That's even before we get if it brings you closer with someone you love too.

    I think you're a pretty swell person, and I hope you keep sparkling! Sorry that I can't give you the last thing you hinted for, someone connecting with the same labels entirely as you.. but let it be known you have a firm supporter!

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    I myself identify as a male but when I get into my little space I always get to my LG side every single time. I am never a little boy it's always a little girl. I do wonder what it is like to be a girl and sometimes I wish I could be a girl for a week to see what it is like. But I know at the end of the day I'm a guy and it is who I identify as.

    I love to wear womens clothing and I want more than I have now and there are times when I wish I could just wear womens clothing 24/7. The clothing is extremely comfortable and it feels right on me in every single way. It used to be sexual for me until I started to incorporate it with my AB/DL side. I'm about to make the switch to wear panties all the time instead of boxers. Often times when I get home from work I shower and change into a pair of PJ's I own. Just recently that is what I'm wearing to bed every night.

    I can see some similarities in my experiences when compared to yours above but that is the way I see it and you may see it differently. Go ahead and be you and keep doing what you are doing and be happy and embrace whatever you feel and/or identify as. Life is short and you only got one so be happy and live your life like you want to.

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