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Thread: pot growing classes

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    Default pot growing classes (Two seperate sources)

    Seems Oakland college is offering Pot growing classes i found this infinately ammusing(espically when it said the class was full until may) and thought i share. Also what are your views on this?(with out turning into drugs are good/bad debate)

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    Well, it is medical marijuana. The idea of teaching a pot growing class in a university seems pretty outlandish to us, but only because it's a new thing. Cannabis has a wide range of medicinal uses (not just for the eyes either, as some would have you believe) with a very low side effects list.

    There's a reason medicinal cannabis is legal in some parts of the world.

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    I can see teaching the class outside the college but to offer it as a class seems odd to me. All a person that gets caught growing(illegally) is to implecate the college and there will be hec to pay. Eh...oh well

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    I doubt the college will be implicated in any way. If they're offering this class a legitimate credited course in a field of horticulture (with the intent on the growth of marijuana specifically intended for medicinal purposes), then surely they a) have people sign forms that say, "We won't grow pot outside of class," b) the pot grown in class will not be consumed by students, c) we cannot utilize our growing knowledge outside of the class-room or for our own personal pleasure or profit.

    Personally, though, I find it a bit ... strange. The class is there for education -- but I can damned well bet that the reason it's full until May is because you've got a lot of "burn out" kids rolling in there to take this "har har pot rocks" class.

    I think it should be limited to those people getting degrees in medicine who intend to work in a field where the legal medical commercialization and use of marijuana will be integral to to their field.

    Then again, someone would just raise the "YOUR COLLEGE IS BIASED" flag and cause an uproar.

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    Cant quote Atm so this a response to the above points

    Quote Originally Posted by From The Article
    In the lab, Lee measured plant food into a plastic garbage can and explained how, with common sense, upgraded electrical outlets, a fan and an air filter, students can grow pot at home for fun, health, public service — or profit.

    Quote Originally Posted by From The Article
    Students gave various reasons for enrolling. Some said they were simply curious. Others said they wanted tips for growing their own weed, although judging from the questions, a few were ready for the graduate seminar Lee recently added to the curriculum.

    Quote Originally Posted by From The Article
    and are instructed in the legalities of a business that is against the law in the eyes of the federal government.
    Wonder what they teach in this part of the class?

    Quote Originally Posted by From The Article
    At the end of the class, students are given a take-home test, with the highest scorer — make that "top scorer" — earning the title of class valedictorian.
    Considering what the class is about I wonder what A "take home test" entails and if they get caught the college will darn well be implecated...then again it is cali i have heard the are extremely lax on cannabis laws.

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    Why do you always make posts about drugs?

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    This is not about drugs it is about the class being offered at oakland u that has a controversial subject that I thought was funny and wanted other peoples opion on. Nothing else.

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    theyre teachin' their students how to grow their own weed. That can save you lots of money in the future (Economics!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigger View Post
    Why do you always make posts about drugs?
    I will say this:

    I am not a drug-user, nor do I condone the use of drugs or mind-altering substances. However, there is nothing wrong in being educated in how they are used, their dangers, and what they can do to someone.

    If I remember correctly, 4lyfe's drug-related posts on the old forums were always quite informative to me. I never had a problem posting on said threads, because I was always entering a discussion of mild debate, and one mostly of curiosity. Though I won't use drugs, there is no problem with being educated in them, either.

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    I never said there was a problem, at all I was just curious to know why d4l is always going on about drugs, he has even been defending them a few times in irc (I remember a huge argument about e...). And before anyone else says, yes I have talked about doing drugs and stuff too, but that was only a couple of times when I was in one of those funny moods, I definitely wouldn't say anything good about them now. Considering that this site is mostly people under the age of 18 and considering that people of that age are quite impressionable I'd say it isn't great to talk about drugs unless it's saying things against and providing real facts (what it does to your body and whatnot) about drug use. I'm not trying to have a shot at you with this d4l btw, was just asking...

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