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Thread: Do people still buy from Bambino?

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    Default Do people still buy from Bambino?

    I am just curious it seems nowadays everyone is buying from ABUniverse rather than Bambino Diapers, don't get me wrong I love both companies, in terms of design ABU has stepped it up. I love Bambino's comfort. I am curious is anyone still buying from Bambino? I just ordered their variety case.

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    I'm in the UK so have never been able to try bambino products, I've tried a few of the Abu nappies available in Europe and have to say they haven't disappointed

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    Bellissimos, because they are similar to the ABUniverse Simples and cost less.

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    I generally am not a fan of the TotalDry style diapers. For some reason the front landing zone is either the same size across all the sizes, or the difference is negligible. So whether I get the L or the XL the fit the same and that bothers me. I prefer the Abena style tape system.

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    I stopped buying from bambino recently simply because I'm annoyed that they've had so many raises in their pricing in a single year, while they still have the nerve to have 'sales' where they put their diapers back to what they were priced just a few months ago and claim it's a 'discount'.

    That, and--despite the fact that there's been a TON of new varieties of diapers that have come out on the market lately...bambino had stayed stagnant, with their only significant change being their 10-20% price increases on their products, and that new 'Hybrid' diaper that has yet to see the light of day, even though it's supposedly been in the works for all this time. (Other companies, like ABU, have come out with more than one diaper in the time it's taken bambino to do just one).

    So, for now, until something changes with them, my new go-to diapers have been DC Idyls and Northshore Supremes.

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    I am in love with ABU atm but Teddy's are one of my all time faves. I will probably buy some along with the new Magnifico when they come out.

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    I wouldn't consider buying from bambino unfortunately.

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    Sadly I have to agree with many here, Bambino's prices have steadily risen with no improvement in quality or release of new products, and their sales are rarely exciting. They're falling behind, and I hope they make a change sometime soon. They were my first major source for diapers, and I'd hate to see them disappear. I still buy somewhat regularly from them, but that's the Totaldry Plus. (now that snuggies has abandoned daytime wear)

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