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Thread: I get to go to the Calvert Trust next week.

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    Red face I get to go to the Calvert Trust next week.

    Hay gess what everybody

    I get to go to the Calvert Trust next week

    I going with my freand Robert he is a DL And he has something called Cerebral Palsy Which means his body doesn't work too well.

    And we taking his carergiver Peter.

    And I get to go as well. I am so excited, it so much fun. It's an adventure holiday. We get to do all sort of things. Including fire lighting with out matches.

    We go on Monday that only two more sleeps.

    What Sort of holidays to you get taken on?

    Hee, hee


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    Cool! I hope you guys have fun.
    It's so cool that there are people out there who are making the outdoors more accessable to people with disabilities.

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    This year's AUTSCAPE is coming up later in the Summer.
    AUTSCAPE is the British version of AUTREAT.

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    I got to the calvert trust.

    Peter, Roberts caregiver really nice.

    Robert is a guy I help at School.

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    I hope you have fun sisi, and I am glad for you.

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    So where is our update about how it went? Did you have fun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaddyRyan View Post
    So where is our update about how it went? Did you have fun?

    Arrr so sorry.

    Yes I had supper fun and i wount to show photos but having trouble uploading again. Booooo!

    Any way we did archery I'm pretty good at archery but we were told that we weren't allowed to shoot any of the rabbits because it's illegal.

    And I went on a long bike ride. All off road, and we went very fast down the hill, and i could not stop because it was gravely so I did a big skid, hee, hee

    The next day we did horsey riding which was fun. They had to put me on a very big horse. Becouse of my big adult body. Which was a bit scary. But the horse was very nice and let me ride on his back and we even had a trot. I had to go bouncy bouncy bouncy in the saddle as he trotting along.

    And we did abseiling and zip whire which was a very long one and super fun.
    They also do rock climbing.

    We also went off do fire lighting in the woods which was fun cook marshmallows over it and we let it with out using machies.

    The next day we

    We did canoeing and we tryed to cash some fish and we played Pirates.

    Then the last activity was the rope swing it wear they pull you up on some rope and then let you go. And you go weeeeeee.

    So much fun.

    I was A very tired babby at the end.

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    It is good you enjoyed yourself performing different activities with other disabled adults.
    Nothing like that here for me here in New Hampshire.

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