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    I would Like to share my experience at a rehabilitation center I just had surgery on my leg (only have 1 leg ) I was no weight bearing I had to remain in the rehabilitation center for five weeks. Now I'm fully bladder incontinent so wearing a diaper was no big deal for me but this place would not allow me to change myself Afraid I would put pressure on my foot. I just felt weird having all these different people changing my diaper. It came time for me to have a bowel movement And this place would not let me transfer to my wheelchair and I don't mess my diaper as I feel if your able to use the toilet then use it. I told the CNA I needed to use The toilet she said I'm unable to transfer and to just use my diaper that it's not a big deal they deal with this every day and they would prefer me to just let it go then to try And hold it as I need to go bad. She left my room and I crawled down to my wheelchair and made it to the restroom and this place got so pissed at me I got the lecture from hell as they said if I had fallen they would be held liable. After that they took my chair. I asked them for a bedpan and they said that I would need help using it because to lift my bottom I would need to use my leg. I agree to ask for help when I needed to go. Long story shot the next time I needed to go it was my CNA's lunch and I hit my call light after 20 minutes I tried to reach my bedpan and was unsuccessful as I could no longer hold it I shit myself for the first time in my life. I was so embarrassed on this day I had a male CNA and he was only 20yo and this young man just kept telling me it no big deal as I was just about in tears. He made me feel so much better by not making a big deal out of it. I do half to say the mess was not a bad As I thought it would be. Other then the smell it was ok. Anyway that's my fist time and I hope my last time in a rehabilitation center.

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    I feel for you. My wife is diabetic and her leg had to be amputated below the knee. This happened about a year and a half ago, but the memories are still vivid. Her other foot is compromised by Charcot foot so after the amputation, they were much the same way with her. They did let her use the bathroom, but they had to wheel her there. I helped her on a number of occasions.

    One thing they kept saying was, "Protect the foot," meaning, be gentle on the remaining foot because it's much harder to walk on two prosthetic legs than one. She also does kidney dialysis so she doesn't have much energy, so walking is all the more difficult. We do home dialysis and I just got her on the dialysis machine.

    So life is difficult. Hang in there and protect your existing leg even if it means having someone change your diaper. You will eventually leave the hospital and go home. My wife was in rehab for over a month, but we eventually got there. Hugs.

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    Thanks for you input and my prayers to your wife and bless you for hanging in there with her thru her life changing medical needs.
    I lost my left leg (BKA) also and now we this is our last effort to save my right leg. All this was from a terrible accident. My wife stood by my side the whole way it been just shy of 28 year and let me tell you
    You play a huge role in your wife recovery and her future needs. I would not have made it through this without the support of my wife. Believe me when I say God bless you and please hang in there with your wife. Please give your wife a hug from me one amputee to another and let her know to hang in the and thing will get better for her as time goes on. If you or you wife ever have a question about the amputation don't be afraid to ask me as I have a lot of experience with it! God bless the both of you. With love your friend Mike

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    It sounds like that place needs a lawsuit. Because they are not helping you. You should report them.

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    it sounds to me like a lawsuit is what made them this way. It seems to be a common practice to keep the patient in bed when there is no supervision.

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    I know it's embarrassing to use your diaper and have someone else change you...

    I'm currently still bedridden from neck surgery 3 vertebra fused, couple falls to damage my body just a bit more...

    Anyhow, I have had the lecture, again and again...currently I can walk a bit, but having a halo brace on and not feeling my right foot at all has made me very prone to tripping and falling...

    So, I have three cna's and two Lpn's that take care of me right now...cannot sleep much as m very uncomfortable...

    I had one nurse that was a bitch! Very nurse ratchet! But I managed to get rid of her, and one more that wasn't very attentive...

    As of now I'm not supposed to walk, and not supposed to get out of bed anymore...last fall chipped my skull and they had to remove the chip from the dam spike thing...I even have a prescription for bed restraints...which I didn't know needed a prescription. I've also always been a sleepwalker from time to time as well...

    I understand they are trying to get you healed up...I really do...But I sometimes feel my way is better...

    Currently negotiating (on going) to get into my bedroom...I'm right now sleeping in a hospital bed in my damn office...but it's on the main floor...

    Luckily I've not run outa money yet, and can afford the staff costs...

    I feel you heal the best when you are the most comfortable...and that's not always where the nurses and Drs are going with things.

    I want to be in my own bedroom, with my fluffy puppy, and either in my bed or crib!

    I've managed to get the cath removed (Ouch!) and using diapers...hoping I'll have the halo off next dr visit...fingers crossed! Then I'll just be on another less restrictive (according to the doc) neck brace for a few weeks...barring any I've talked with all but one of the nurses about getting into my room, and they will help me get there after the halo is off...which is fair I guess...only one has raised an eyebrow upon the crib in my room...although he also didn't like the bed restraints...which another nurse asked for...he's a very kind soul! Anyhow, I've got everything but a kitchen in the master suite...and will be moving back in there soon I hope...Not sure about feeling little anytime soon, but being n my familiar bed and room will help me...I'm a bit ocd/austisic and don't do well with change ...

    Back n topic, being in rehab or the hospital isn't very fun, I've got these weird air filled pulsating leg things too...anyhow, it's not fun! And they don't always know what's best! You need to be your own advocate form time to time...I'm probably way more stubborn than most...and don't always take instructions well either...but I still know what makes me feel relaxed and able to sleep a bit...

    We take what life gives us...and go on from there...

    Hang in there...and take it easy...relax...heal up...and get back to yourself asap!

    Sorry for the long post, and my ramblings ��

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