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Thread: your perfect diapered other

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    Default your perfect diapered other

    Alright, we always have fatacies about someone we want in diapers and wear with us. Describe to us what he/she would look like, what diaper he/she would wear, and what he/she would do in them, plus what their name would be.

    For me, a brunett girl named "Carrie" she would be in her cheerleader skirt and top. She would wear a Tena Maxi and wet and mess in it. the diaper would buldge out of her skirt and it would be just barley visable when looking at where the skirt ends.

    What about the rest of you?

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    A six foot tall, 300 hundred pound vietnemese girl with a mushtache and always wears leather.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    A six foot tall, 300 hundred pound vietnemese girl with a mushtache and always wears leather.
    Holy shit! It's like reading MY thoughts!

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    Michelle... or Mika..

    I thought she was cute, unfortunatly she thought I was weird I was nervous around her all the time and acted odd.

    She would be wearing Goodnites and wetting it, and messy. <3
    And she would be my baby

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    Haven't really thought about exact things, more about the acceptance of my desires, and the satisfaction of them!

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    a cute blond that is around 19 and their name is Usagi.

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    hehe i have my dream girl already! my baby ollie!

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    A girl who would love being babied and taken care of. And once in awhile let me join in and be a baby with her. And our relationship would be full of affection and intimacy.

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    I'm... Not really sure. I'm bi, so it could go either way:

    Diapered girl: Not entirely sure, but perhaps a shy, yet tomboyish girl. Brunette, maybe. I don't really care about the name, but maybe something like Hannah, or Leah. She'd be a little shorter than me, and maybe a few months younger.

    Diapered guy: Well, there's a guy down the street who I think would make a good diapered other... His name's Jake, and he has brown-ish-blond hair. He's a little taller and older than me, as well...

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