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    How do I accept myself and become comfortable with this part of me? I struggle with this. My fiancÚ has told me that my struggle with accepting myself has in turn made it harder for her. I have worn around her a couple of times and she was ok wth it. I have always been very comfortable with my ABDL side being a secret. Now that she knows it has changed. I find it hard to talk to
    her about it. She asks questions and I might not give the full answer because I am afraid that will turn her off to the whole thing. I need some advice!

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    Hi. Why don't you show her this site and read a bit for herself.
    Perhaps show her your post if you have it easier to put your thoughts in writing rather than face to face.

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    You cant change the fact that you have this as part of your life so you have to have faith that its there for a reason somehow and learn to incorporate it into your life so that you can still present a healthy well adjusted face to society. Being a part of society is to the most part an act of polishing the veneer more then changing the woodwork

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    To me it sounds like she is accepting this part of you, If she was turned off by it then she wouldn't be asking questions. She would completely ignore the topic at all. It might be hard for you to think that someone is willing to accept this part of your life, but to me it sounds like she is. So, why not involve her in this part

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    I think the more you wear in front of her, the easier it will become. When I first started wearing in front of my wife, we were both uncomfortable. But now, after 8 years, it's just another day or night, other than the fact that I can fully enjoy being diapered. Just give it some time.

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    I can remember back when I joined and was having the same feelings and shortly after I joined I can out to my wife and we have an understanding of the situation.

    Communication including active listening is the best. Use "I statements" and let each other talk then ask "clarifying questions".

    The other aspect is that through self acceptance, one can gain control and balance. The through that you will gain self acceptance and understanding of the feelings and urges. From there you will be able to explain the situation to your significant other and be much more comfortable around her.

    Again this is done through communication. But you can also get a lot of questions answered her by going through The little and Diaper talk forums and read the past threads until you see the emerging patterns of the topics show up. I would also recommend some of the you tube threads by Baby Mitchy on "Understanding adult babies".

    This is what worked for me and I think it will give you the ground work to find what will help you.


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    Thanks everyone. She has said that over time she thinks it will be easier. I have struggled with accepting it for the last 10 years. I am otherwise in a very confident person, but this just eats at me. I will keep trying to accept myself and move on with my life.

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