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Thread: Tykables shipping issues?

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    Default Tykables shipping issues?

    Ok so I purchased a case of tykables size 2 on Monday and the money was sent and taken out of my account on Tuesday and I got a email saying we received your request and will be shipping soon. I live in Ohio and according to there shipping chart, shipping should only be 1 day. It's now Friday and still haven't received confirmation that my order shipped so I emailed them yesterday and they said they were going to look into it and let me know asap. I didn't hear anything all day I am just curious if anyone else has had any issues with them? I really like everything about the diaper but haven't tried them yet and was really looking forward to having them. Oh and there is not a shortage or limited supply of them.

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    I've had nothing but good experiences with them. I hope everything works out for you! They're wonderful diapers.

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    I bet they've been quite busy with the recent media frenzy. Keep on them about this.

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    unsure if just be but they are not the best feeling and all of them once tabs are sticked you cannot remove or refasten without ripping the diaper , oddly i had it all happen on the right hand side
    The overnights they sold before they are remaking them

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    The old overnights had serious tape problems. The née versions are much better. The tapes stick and they can be easily refastened.

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    if you have the shipping number you could try tracking the shipment. Hope this helps.

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