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    After another purge cycle and encouragement from my husband, I am coming around to my need and want to wear. The paranoia of bedwetting and frequent daytime urgency were enough to accept that I am more relaxed and less anxious when I am padded. I just find it best if I wear most of the time.

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    Good for you! I grew up with urgency and frequency issues (with bladder and bowel accidents), I have always like diapers for their security, I was diagnosed with anxiety disease due to a drug overdose when I was 22 and I am a playful little boy at heart. All that being said it wasn't until I was in my mid to late twenties when I finally accepted wearing diapers on a regular basis. I also began wearing 24.7 over 12 years ago. I'm now 48. I'm a very active and very busy person. There are times when I don't want to wear diapers (my wife actually encourages them over medication because of the side effects). However, I honestly can't function without them and I've learned to accept that.

    My advice is wear the most comfortable, coolest looking, absorbent diaper you can afford and get on with your life. This part of me is only a fraction of who I am and most people have no idea that I wear diapers. I don't advertise it. Heck if I randomly met any one of the people on this forum, you'd have no idea I'm an AB/DL/IC person (well unless you closely examine my crotch and ass).

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    I agree. We lose a lot of time & effort in life, trying to hide who we are. I'm DL, and have been since just beyond age two. I never thought I'd live my life loving diapers, hoping to grow out of it, but that just never happened. I binged & purged a few times, but it never left my mind. In my teens I came to completely accept that they were a part of me forever, but I kept it as my biggest surprise secret. No more guilt, but always a smidgen of shame... I managed a relationship & marriage (28 years, so far!), and the roller coaster of all of it (kids, jobs, houses & cars, family & friends), and, finally, FOR MY SELF & SANITY, I went 24/7 about 3 years ago, and have never looked back. Like Spaz, you could be next to me in the grocery line, and not have a clue. I drive big rigs across the country every day, seeing & interacting with dozens of people, in close proximity, and no one has ever implied they knew. The best advice is just to ACCEPT that this is YOU, and manage the issue, the same as an incontinent would. They exist throughout life, and, yet, none of us know who THEY are. That should tell you something! Welcome back to reality!

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    Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated. Just trying to adapt to wearing in public which entails being adept at public bathroom changes. Also have a plane trip on Wednesday and Thursday that I'm sure will will high anxiety because of getting through security. Just part of the learning process and hopefully I'll be a fast learner.

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    Thanks, Jamieboy. I had hoped that it was a phase but obviously it was not. Of course, my occasional bedwetting and daytime urgency are annoying but totally managed by wearing diapers. For whatever reason I find wearing all the time works better than wearing part time and then being worried an accident will occur. Also I find wearing ABDL diapers not only work better for me but also seem less clinical.

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