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Thread: Any Dads in Diapers Today?

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    Default Any Dads in Diapers Today?

    Happy Fathers Day to All! How many of us Dads are in Diapers today? I am..

    Spending the day with my 8 month old little girl. How about you?

    Enjoy the day!

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    Just took mine off going to spend the day with me sons.

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    24/7 here, so I just changed out of my wet night time Dry 24/7 and into a Tranquility ATN.
    My two boys are 10 and 12.
    Planning to shoot some hoops, ride our bikes, and going roller skating!

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    Not me. I wish I was diapered, but my wife still won't lent me do it around her so in in my boxer briefs. Not really sure what is planned for the day except for church at 11am and then a restaurant to eat afterwards, no doubt. It's kind of hard to celebrate because we are moving in just over a week so packing is the main focus.

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    Oh, I expect I'll be padded at some point today. Undies for now, though!

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    I woke up in a diaper to my wife wishing me a Happy Father's Day

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    ic never celebrates holidays unless you count christenings, my only child is my service dog who never complains about my diaper need . although must wonder why I do not pee in the yard with him . little does he know some times I do.

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    Yes I am... Several layers of cloth with some "special" pants over top... Off to bed soon.

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    Since my wife is not a fan of me wearing and knowing what today was, I figured she would take care of me in other ways, so I did not wear. Now she is in bed sleeping and I am left awake not padded. The thought crossed my mind to just put one on, but I need to get up for work in less than 7 hours. Just not enough time to fully enjoy a good overnight diaper.

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    We only have a cat, but my wife wished me a happy father's day anyway before she changed me this morning, lol

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