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    I've been interested in diapers for a while.. I only recently started exploring my side further. I've come to love the feeling of a good change and sleeping in my onesie or footed sleeper.

    I've been a furry longer than I've considered my self an adult baby / diaper lover. I'd hazard a guess that now you could call me a babyfur..

    I'm usually a pretty easy going person. I have my wants and desires but im not all to open about them.

    Thankfully I have some good friends to share it with.

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    Hey welcome to ADISC have fun!

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    Welcome :3 hope u enjoy your visit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sly View Post
    I'm usually a pretty easy going person.
    Hehe, genius.
    Well you're sure to make some good friends here.
    Happy posting!


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    I'm new here too... good to see another babyfur


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