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Thread: ABDL Clothing websites?

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    Default ABDL Clothing websites?

    I just graduated High School! . Well now I've gotten some money from the family, and can splurge a little on clothes. So I want to buy some clothes, so I'm trying to find some good options. Baby Pants is a bit pricy, Aww So Cute forgot a pacifier I bought last time (and shipping is really expensive where I am). So I'm trying to find a good site. There are a lot of poorly made sites, with little variety, so I'm hoping there's a gem hidden in there somewhere. I'm hoping to get a onesie, a pacifier, a pair of shortalls, a cute clothe training pant, a bib, and maybe some other things. Ideally I can get it all from one website, to save on shippingX and by the way, I live in the US, so that may narrow it. Any good sites?

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    I've bought some things via Ebay. Just type in Adult Baby Clothes and a lot of things come up. Of course, it can be a crap shoot as to whether the clothes are of good quality. I'd stay away from articles made in China. Though they may be the cheapest, there's a reason they're cheap.

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