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    So I switched from M4s overnight (and most days) to Dry 24/7s (the M4s would leak overnight some times), and for the most part I've been happy - except this morning. I woke up to find little rolled fuzzy bits all over the bed, as well as a huuge wet spot. Caught a glance in the mirror as I was walking out of the bedroom to the bathroom, and saw that the plastic shell of my diaper had separated at the right leg from the waist all the way down to the crotch! I hope it's a one-off problem because I really do prefer the Dry 24/7s over the M4s, and I've gone through a half case so far until this, but I guess we'll see in the future.

    Anyone else have similar problems? What brands/situations do you see it happening?

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    I've seen xplus split up the middle in the back after getting worn for awhile under jeans, where the crotch seam wore a weakness in the shell there, but never anything like what you're describing. Probably a 1-off?

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    That sounds like a 1 off, I've never had that happen with any diaper, including dry 24/7. Were you wearing any sort of pajamas or had anything in the bed? The sort of thing I could see causing that is, for example, a zipper on PJs with a sharp bit sticking out that might cut the diaper shell while you're moving about in your sleep.

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    Not wearing anything but the diaper - too hot to do otherwise!

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    Had it happen a couple of times. Switched to different padding. One that had a cloth backing the plastic seemed to tear easily.

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    I've used hundreds of dry 24/7's over the past couple of years and never had an issue like that. I'd say it was just a one off.

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