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    Hi y'all! Name is Dave, and we all know why I'm here. I have an interest in wearing diapers. Aside from that, I enjoy working on cars, am gay and single (yeah yeah yeah, gay guy working on cars, so not what you'd think) and live in beautiful New Hampshire. But as for diapers. I have always had a passion for diapers, even when I was young. I'd make diapers out of multiple pairs of my briefs, I'd make diapers out of trash bags. If I were to poop myself, I'd stick a paper towel in my briefs to act as a lining for you know, when I uh, did the deed. So here I am, introducing myself, as I type away sitting in my wet diaper. I really look forward to see how this all unfolds here. Ciao!

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    Hello Dave and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.


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    Nice introduction Dave, and welcome to ADISC. What brand or brands of diaper do you like? Any other babyish stuff like pacifiers? Any chance you are a Furry?

    So you like working on cars. Do you have any yourself, or any favorite cars you would like to have? Yeah working on cars and being gay goes against the grain. Keep it quiet or they'll take your gay card away :P. You'll make a great partner to someone who has a tough time changing the wiper blades.

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