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Thread: I came out on Facebook...

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    I was slightly terrified for your own sake.

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    I liked a Bambino Diapers Facebook page once and it posted on my timeline. No one said anything. About a day or two later I unliked it.

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    A bit dangerous, did anyone say anything about it?

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    I was worried that it was some 18 year old and I was going to have to chastise them for lacking discretion. This was like the time my wife April foolsed me with pregnancy... well that was much much worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CookieMonstah View Post
    Was this post really necessary?
    Just wanted to give people an adrenaline rush.

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    I'm honestly a little disappointed. I was expecting some good stories chock full of "constructive" criticisms and opinionated feedback.

    Glad to hear you didn't actually commit social suicide, buddy. The world isn't ready.

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    I once accidentally followed the Depend twitter (of all things) and then was followed by ABU almost immediately. It was a scary day, but as soon as I unfollowed Depend, ABU unfollowed me a few days later.

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