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Thread: Where to find a new stuffed animal?

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    Default Where to find a new stuffed animal?

    Hey everyone. I have a bit of a problem. Our new dog decided to use my stuffed animal I have had since I was little as a chew toy. I was wondering where I could get a new one. I would like to have a wolf, but the only ones I can find online look very scratchy or entirely, even laughably, unrealistic. Any tips?

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    How about looking at what "Toys R' Us" has for plushies or at "TARGET", "KMART", and "WALMART"?

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    Babies R Us has a fairly large selection of stuffed animals if they have one in your area. If you want something more high quality check out, though they're a little pricey.

    As for wolves specifically, I have this little guy from amazon. He's a bit small, but pretty soft. Actually got softer after a couple weeks being out of the packaging.

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    I have tons of stuffed animals because I used to get them as souvenirs from Gift shops whenever I went places as a kid. So if you are ever at a Nature museum or National park, you might find one in the gift shop! Probably pretty expensive though (plus the cost of getting there!).

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    I'm pretty sure I've seen wolf plushies at Toys R Us.

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    If you don't care about paying a little more than an average toy store, Douglas makes some absolutely superb plushies including wolves.

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    Disney store! Gotta love those disney characters. I'm not a fan of generic animal based plushies. No backstory/history or personality for those, at least in my opinion. There are usually plenty of box stores that sell stuffed animals.

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    I'm gonna second (or fourth) the Douglas cuddle toys, they're wonderful <3
    I have a little fox I picked up at a gift shop, she's sooo soft

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